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Kern des Hauses

The leader of Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt, appointed by the people, approved by the Goddes, held responsible by all. Although most Kerns don't stay in for a full 20 years, the select few who do are seen as the best Kerns, the current Kern, Daniela Eckstien, is slated to hold all 20 years, and possibly even take a place as a Kalter Kern, someone who Kerns can go to for advice.


At the appointment of a new Kern, the Kern stands before a statue of Ellara, the Goddes of Morals, and swears, on their life, to uphold the morals and fairness that she demands of them.


Keeping the morale of the country high, dissolving tensions between representatives.


Day-to-day maintenance of the country, offers insight into laws, (though deciding the interpretation of the laws is the Hoher Moralischer Kompass des Volkes' job), approving laws, negotiating with other nations, keeping in contact with the military and meeting with them.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Disapproval from the people, disrespecting the rules set forth by Ellara, betraying the country, and any common law broken are all grounds of dismissal of a Kern.   If a Kern refuses to leave office, the military will step in and forcefully remove them, if they leave peacefully, depending on the accusation, they will be imprisoned, or allowed to live normally.   When a Kern is removed, Ellara herself steps in. (Due to her ability to be in multiple places at one, Ella and Ellara can be active at the same time)   17 Kerns have been pulled from office, with 6 more being killed in times of war, and a final 2 being overthrown by the people themselves.
Form of Address
Mein Kern
Alternative Naming
Equates to
Meiyo no tsu o eranda-Maiti no jōnetsu,   Kansan Vasemman Mielen Johtaja-Muutanan Maan,   Emperor-Stepmorian Empire,   King- Eagleminsia Kingdom
Source of Authority
Göttin Der Moral
Length of Term
20 years, 2 year terms, 10 terms.
Current Holders
Related Organizations


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