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Mysteria (/mɪstəri:a/)

A small town erected around the ruins of an ancient Yulan-Tai city, Mysteria is the main base for a small, but extremely dangerous and powerful adventuring band. Has been steadily growing as ex-slaves, refugees, and the dispossessed flock to the city for a chance a new life in a new society. Mysteria was founded in ER 500 when a group of adventurers discovered the ruined city in a supernatural pocket, after destroying the pocket and bringing the island into the world they claimed the island, the city, and the survivors of the battle that took place there. Since the emergence of the island, the adventuring party has steadily grown the village of survivors through their own actions, liberating slaves and leading refugees to Mysteria and spreading the message that it is a safe haven for downtrodden. Mysteria has now grown into a modestly sized town with much of the populace slowly reclaiming and reconstructing the ancient city and forging a new city-state. The adventuring party that serves as the de facto leaders of Mysteria have made alliances with the Republic of Artenos, and the Republic of Nikea, securing the island against hostiles such as the Spathoi, who have been antagonized by the actions of certain party members.   The old Yulan-Tai ruins are centered around the well preserved ruins of a large, megalithic structure known as the Jade Pyramid, which served as a major religious and cultural center for the ancient city. These ruins are vast, far outsizing the greatly reduced population of Mysteria, resulting in much of it being in ruins after over a millennium of neglect. Since the establishment of the new Mysterian society, denizens of the city have spent much of their time recclaiming the old ruins, and rebuilding many of the homes, markets and the old city's port, as well as building a couple of brand new structures, most notably a large fortress which serves as the city's primary defensive structure. Other structures have been dismantled in this reclamation effort, including the Jade Pyramid which is slowly being cut up to pay for the reconstruction effort.
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ER 500
Unknown, roughly 1,000
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