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Aeillan (Spartharoi) (/sparθaroi/)


The Spartharoi is an ethnic group of humans, belonging to the Aeillan family of ethnic groups. Their point of origin was primarily the eastern bank of the river Spathos with a small handful of ancient settlements on the east bank of similar ethnic origin, and historically bordering the homeland of the now-extinct Yilgar culture. It has as a result developed a culture of hardy survival and militarism. They as a result became effectively the gatekeepers of the Aeillan west during the reign of the Aeillan Empire.   The Spartharoi take a lot of pride in their traditions and culture and are the most openly hostile towards being influenced. However, the influx of commerce and the resultant cultural exchange have left their mark on Spartharoi society. Spartharoi people do as a result have some cultural values and linguistic loan words from Gallaca, Namiaera, and Elleyrca. Comparatively speaking, however, these influences are minor particularly in Spathos, the most interior of Spartharoi societies.   The Spartharoi favor military service and tend to be more competitive than other Aeillan groups through a strict sense of obedience. Social hierarchies are more strictly enforced by the Spartharoi, and many Spartharoi communities lack a lot of luxury and aesthetics, resulting in the coining of the term of the "Spartharoi lifestyle".

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Feminine names for the Spartharoi are often chosen from among traditional names with the name of the child's great grandmother being the ideal (though often dishonored ancestors are skipped in this naming cycle, damning their name to oblivion). Common feminine names include:   Also, Alexandra, Cassandra, Hippolyta, Hypatia, Kleo, Nike, Pelagia, Roxana Sofia, Zoe

Masculine names

Masculine names for the Spartharoi are often chosen from among traditional names with the name of the child's great grandfather being the ideal (though often dishonored ancestors are skipped in this naming cycle, damning their name to oblivion). Common feminine names include:   Alexios, Bion, Chariton, Cyrus, Diocles, Hesoidos, Kallikrates, Linos, Phocas, Theron, Zenon

Family names

Family names are traditionally passed down patrilinneally, though often the maternal last name is passed down as a secondary last name, often appended in abbreviated form after the last name. Spartharoi more than the Tyroi favor -os suffixes for their familial names Common familial names include:   Familial Names: Flavios, Emesos, Kilos, Titilos, Umreos, Rauros, Roararos, Finnikos
Abbreviated Names: Lav, Em, Kos, Tos, Uma, Ror, Rao, Fin

Other names

Nonbinary people generally have a difficult time under the Spartharoi naming system and its strictures. As naming traditions are quite important and it is often considered scandalous to change one's name. Nonbinary people usually signal their rejection of traditional gender norms by applying the ton- prefix of the -iv, -ev, or av- suffix.


Shared customary codes and values

The Spartharoi tend to be far more competitive than Ilosi and Tyroi Aeillans. Struggle for one's place in the established hierarchy is deeply ingrained in, especially the culture behind Spartharoi masculinity. Indeed this cult of strength generally results in the most vulnerable being neglected or treated with outright hostility. This sense of competitiveness is undercut however, with a strictly enforced obedience to what is considered rightly earned authority, which is generally considered to be the glue that keeps Spartharoi societies from imploding due to infighting.

Common Etiquette rules

The Spartharoi are generally less concerned with manners than their other more easterly compatriots though in situations where discipline is called for it is tightly enforced. Unusually, the Spartharoi have relatively strict etiquette rules for the gutting and skinning of animals and fish with getting the blood on another being considered a major, and indeed violence worthy affront. Manners concerning sex and sexuality are somewhat laxer than is the norm however, with

Common Dress code

The Spartharoi generally prefer a looser dress code, and often show off more skin than especially their immediate Ilosi neighbors. Generally speaking light clothing is preferred, especially in the warmer, coastal climates with single piece outfits, such as togas, dresses, being the norm. The Spartharoi are probably the least concerned with maintaining dress codes of the Aeillan ethnicities, and especially compared to the Ilosi people.


Beauty Ideals

Traditional Spartharoi beauty favors strength primarily but also will, and physical robustness. Large, musclebound bodies represent the ideal with thick body and facial hair valued as a sign of virility and strength. Dark hair and eyes, with, comparatively, light skin make up the ideal complexion. The most sexualized parts of Spartharoi men are abdominals, genitals, and thighs. Pride in one's body is highly valued, and Spartharoi men are generally expected to show off their bodies.   Traditional Spartharoi feminine beauty favors strength and fertility, with a strong statuesque body being seen as ideal for the birthing of strong and healthy children. Spartharoi women are generally expected therefore to keep up athletic training to the same extent as men are. Dark hair and eyes, and medium-fair skin tones are seen as ideal complexion. The most eroticized parts of women include hips, genitals, and thighs. Spartharoi women, similar are expected to take pride in, and display their bodies.

Gender Ideals

Spartharoi masculinity is ideally expected to be willful, proud, strong, and competitive. Spartharoi men are generally expected to engage in, largely peaceful, physical competitions to demonstrate their rightful place in society. There is also a focus on self-reliance with Spartharoi men generally expected to be capable of providing for themselves and their own, and mutual aid is seen more as a way to build up the strong rather than to take care of the needs of the weak.   Spartharoi femininity is generally embodied by a similar font of strength and self-reliance as Spartharoi men. Competition is de-emphasized for the feminine ideal, though it remains in part as a demonstration of the overall strength of the ideal Spartharoi woman. The underpinning point behind all other aspects of idealized Spartharoi femininity however, is to demonstrate the ability to birth and raise, strong and healthy children.   Those who are served by the strictures of neither traditional gender role often form their own fusion of gender ideals, to variable responses from more traditionally living members of Spartharoi communities.

Relationship Ideals

Generally, relationships are long term affairs with pairs of men and women, and their own blood or adopted children forming the core of families. Upon reaching old age, grandparents will typically live with their eldest children, helping raise children. These heterosexual pairings are generally expected to be monogamous. Spartharoi men are however allowed to take a male lover (or a ninbianary one). Women are generally discouraged from this, however, among the more permissive lower classes, married women are allowed to seek out the romantic partnership of other women or nonbianary persons.

Major organizations

The Spartharoi people have settled most of the westernmost territories of the Aeillan region. However, unlike the Tyroi, and especially the Ilosi, the Spartharoi tend to be less like to spread far and wide, preferring to remain in communities where they are dominant rather than being made to compete as a minority overseas. They have come to dominate the Exarchate of Spathos, the Exarchate of Halion, and the Cantons of Salemesia. The also have a significant presence in Falemesia, and Gallaca, primarily comprised of merchants, scholars, and other types less concerned about being a stranger in a strange land. Spartharoi nobles also marry into foreign families, particularly in Gallaca.
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Recommended DnD (5e) Traits:

Note: These are rough guidelines, and not strict rules for those wishing to roleplay as Spartharoi Aeillans.

If using Getninia Human

• +1 to Strength, +1 to Constitution
• Proficiency in Athletics, Intimidation, and Perception
• Recommended Feats: Athlete, Blade Master, Gunner, Mage Slayer, Martial Adept, Menacing, Prodigy, Survivalist, Tough