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Aeillan (Tyroi) (/ti:roi/)


The Tyroi are an ethnicity belonging to the Aeillan ethnic group. Their place of origin can large be considered the Tyros River and its watershed. They have a strong mercantile and maritime tradition, and before the absorption of the Tyros River watershed by the growing Ilosi and Aeillan civilizations they had established an extensive and valuable trade network. Even though the actual arteries of commerce have gone into a slow decline, eclipsed by the Artenesians and Ilosis more generally, this mercantile tradition has remained.   Their positioning close to several foreign states, and comparatively libertine culture has led to the Tyroi being the recipient of cultural influence particularly from Qua'adar and southeastern Galisea, as well as, to a lesser extent, Felora. They have a reputation as being fairly laid back in comparison to other Aeillans, and indeed being a far more open society. The Tyroi have a reputation, at least among other Aeillans of being obsessive groomers, and, particularly of Tyroi men, of being noteworthily effeminate as the Tyroi tend to be highly concerned with grooming or shaving off their body hair.   The Tyroi has established a strong connection to the sea and has had many of the more unique aspects of their culture based on the sea, valuing change, and adaptability, much as the tides and ocean change and flow. Also valued is a quick wit, a silver tongue, a great sales pitch. Tyroi people, as a general rule, are seen as some of the finest merchants in Southwest Galisea.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Feminine names for the Spartharoi are often chosen from among traditional names with the name of the child's great grandmother being the ideal (though often dishonored ancestors are skipped in this naming cycle, damning their name to oblivion). Common feminine names include:   Adina, Anna, Bernike, Deina, Elisabet, Ioanna, Kandake, Lydia, Noemin, Persis, Salome, Theresa

Masculine names

Masculine names for the Spartharoi are often chosen from among traditional names with the name of the child's great grandfather being the ideal (though often dishonored ancestors are skipped in this naming cycle, damning their name to oblivion). Common feminine names include:   Apostolos, Dabid, Erastos, Ion, Iosef, Lazaros, Mathias, Mikhael, Nikolos, Petros, Silas, Timotheos

Family names

Family names are traditionally passed down patrilinneally, though often the maternal last name is passed down as a secondary last name, often appended in abbreviated form after the last name. Common familial names include:   Familial Names: Ataxes, Doukas, Isaurid, Mataxes, Narses, Opidias, Papadol, Sevres, Yistes
Abbreviated Names: Tax, Dok, Isa, Mat, Nar, Opa, Pad, Sev, Yis

Other names

Nonbinary people generally have a difficult time under the Spartharoi naming system and its strictures. As naming traditions are quite important and it is often considered scandalous to change one's name. Nonbinary people usually signal their rejection of traditional gender norms by applying the ton- prefix of the -iv, -ev, or av- suffix.


Shared customary codes and values

The Tyroi generally are less concerned with collective efforts, seeing civic virtue come in the form of commercial success as much as mutual aid. There is however, a certain cultural value placed on working for the betterment on one's community that tempers this commercial instinct preventing most "good" Tyroi from engaging in the more cutthroat practices that would appease the Thea Lugri, the gods of ill gained profits. The Tyroi also have a more tolerant attitude more generally, favoring a more open society, and are often seen as laid back, particularly by the straight laced Ilosi.

Common Etiquette rules

The Tyroi have a reputation, at least among other Aeillans as being obsessive groomers, and it is expected of many Tyroi that they keep their facial and body hair, if not completely shaved, extremely well groomed. It is considered, gauche, to not keep up with these grooming standards. Tyroi are also expected deal fairly and honestly in commerce, and underhanded, or otherwise dishonorable business practices are highly frowned upon, especially in dealings with Tyroi in other Aeillans, the rules concerning these practices are slightly relexed when dealing with foreigners, though not significantly.


Beauty Ideals

Ideal Tyroi masculine beauty favors grace, charm, and keen eyes. Slight, graceful and slightly effeminate builds are preferred. Tyroi men are ideally heavily groomed with little to no body or facial hair. The Tyroi generally prefer a dark olive tone, with piercing dark eyes and hair. Eyes particularly, receive a great deal of attention, with many upper class men accentuating their eyes with cosmetics. The most highly sexualized parts of Tyroi men are the eyes, chest, and genitals. Tyroi men are also supposed to possess a silver tongue and charming personality if they want to succeed romantically.    Ideal Tyroi feminine beauty, much like masculinity in Tyroi culture favors grace, charm, and an unusual focus on the eyes. Slim bodies, particularly those akin to dancers are the ideal. Tyroi women, as much as men are expected to maintain grooming standards with little to no body hair. Dark olive tone, dark hair, and eyes are likewise preferred and Tyroi women, much like Tyroi men, often use cosmetics to accentuate their eyes. The most sexualized parts of Tyroi women include the hips, eyes, and genitals. Tyroi women, ideally are excellent conversationalists, with a quick wit almost as disarming as a beautiful face.

Gender Ideals

Tyroi masculinity is generally expects intelligence, good humor, and a silver tongue. Tyroi men are expected to be excellent speakers, and indeed vocal sparring matches are a common part in forming the ideal Tyroi masculine. Some level of competitiveness is favored, though not nearly to the extent of the Spartharoi, or even the Ilosi. Physicality is not as strongly emphasized, though Tyroi men are generally expected to keep themselves in at least fairly good shape.    Idealized Tyroi femininity emphasizes charisma and charm with Tyroi women generally expected to perform in a similar capacity to men, as skilled speakers, and indeed, it is this perceived similarity between feminine and masculine ideals that has caused the perception of the effeminacy of Tyroi men. Tyroi femininity is distinct rom its masculinity however, in that there is a stronger focus of cooperation and relationship building in the feminine ideal.    Those who are served by the strictures of neither traditional gender role often form their own fusion of gender ideals, to variable responses from more traditionally living members of Spartharoi communities.

Relationship Ideals

Generally, relationships are long term affairs with pairs of men and women, and their own blood or adopted children forming the core of families. Upon reaching old age, grandparents will typically live with their eldest children, helping raise children. Unlike the Ilosi and the Spartharoi however, polyamory is perfectly acceptable, with multiple extramarital partners being relatively normal. Generally however, partners of married individuals are usually expected to be either of the same gender, or nonbinary, though if no children are conceived extramarital heterosexual relations are acceptable.

Major organizations

The Tyroi people are spread out over eastern and central Aeilla with substantial populations further afield. The Tyroi are the dominant ethnicity in the Exarchate of Polanis, the Exarchate of Iskandris the Kingdom of Troinae, and the Thibaian Divinity Leage. The Tyroi also have a strong presence in Artenos, Korentis, and Syros but aren't part of the ruling ethnicity. There are significant Tyroi minoroities in Qua'adar, Lirkuth, Suran, Hesjan, and Gallaca.

Recommended DnD (5e) Traits:

Note: These are rough guidelines, and not strict rules for those wishing to roleplay as Tyroi Aeillans.

If using Getninia Human

• +1 to Charisma, +1 to Wisdom
• Proficiency in Deception, Insight, or Persuasion
• Recommended Feats: Acrobat, Diplomat, Empathic, Linguist, Observant, Prodigy, Silver Tongued, or Skilled

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