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Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Two of the nations of the region, the Kingdom of Vryer and the Golrai Empire, are both predominantly human nations, along with the semi-autonomous Raian Protectorate.


Humans came from the forested regions in the modern Raian Protectorate, in what is known as the Orai culture of hunter gatherers.  Eventually these disparate bands began to form together into settlements and formed the Elden culture with their development of agriculture and cut and burn techniques that left the region scarred for a long time.  The Elden culture is most known though for discovering the existence of the raya and developing the standard modern pantheon.  Eventually, as the Elden culture grew, it spread out north and south developing into the two mega-cultures of the Vrisian culture and the Golraian culture that developed into the two modern nations of The Kingdom of Vryer and The Golrai Empire.     The Vrisians are most known for running into deep conflict with the vryken people.  They started with many treaties and deals with the vryken, although breaking those deals over and over again until they had enough territory consolidated to form a kingdom.  Infamously, they after this began placing vryken on Drake Reserves in a condescending attempt to make peace with the native peoples.  The Vrisian expansion west ultimately ended with them being repelled by the frigid araxi.     The Golraians spent many years forming small religious communities and bartering with the local orc communities.  However, as time went on, they discovered the ability to intentionally breed for raya, as well as the existence of golraya.  The development of an infrastructure for arranged marriages and god-breeding also sped up the formation of the Golrai Empire.  From there, they took extreme expansionist policies, pushing the orcs out of their ancestral homeland and into the swamps of the north.  And now, in attempts to spread the word of the gods across the land, they are locked in three separate conflicts with Pikor, Eskarr, and the Remnant Isles.   The two main human cultures now clash over the Raian Protectorate, humanity's original homeland.  While martial conflict has not yet broken out, the two struggle over political influence over the semi-autonomous state with ties to the Elden culture.
Genetic Descendants
Related Organizations

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