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Vryken (Vrai-ken)

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Vryken look similar to humans, but their draconic influence demonstrates itself in obvious ways.  They have scales of different colors and will often have horns on their heads imitating various dragons.  It is less common, but vryken can also be born with draconic feet, claws, or tails, and even rarer is a vryken born with wings.     These different draconic traits, including the color of their scales, are not determined by a vryken's genetics.  Instead, this inheritance is seemingly random.  When asked by others, the vryken will usually say that these traits are determined by "the will of the dragons".    Vryken also have the gift of psionic melding with animals, which is most pronounced with dragons and their kin.  In myths of the past, vryken were spoken of as vicious dragon riders, but in modern times, with most of the true dragons gone, vryken may bond with drakes or wyverns.  While it is weaker, some vryken are known to bond with woodland creatures instead of dragons or even reptiles.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Based on the legendary draconic tribes of old, vryken generally live in communal societies where there is no exact leader.  Instead, general social taboos are enforced by collective shunning.  Elders will often be sought out for advice on life decisions and especially to settle disputes, but their words are not binding.  The closest thing to leaders that vryken traditionally have are the Drakor, vryken who are especially attuned to the wills of the dragon gods, as they are the ones to give spiritual advice to others and carry out special ceremonies.   Since being put into the Drake Reserves, though, their social structure has slowly been shifting with the Vrisian government assigning chiefs to act as a liaison between the Kingdom and the various reserves.  While at first, these chiefs did act in their intended capacity, as time went on, they began to take a more active role in governing the Reserves, creating a clash with the Drakors.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Their original homeland is in what is now the Kingdom of Vryer, generally in the frigid highlands.  Nowadays, most vryken are found on the Drake Reserves set up by the Vrisian King, where they were pushed during the Drake Wars.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Gifted with Dragonsense, Vryken can see in the dark, although to a limited degree.  Their advanced sense of smell also allows them to "see" scent trails and invisible creatures, another key aspect of Dragonsense.

Civilization and Culture


According to legend, the vryken people originated when the three dragon gods of Values, Elements, and the Mind gave their blessing to a group of people in what eventually became the Kingdom of Vryer.  This led to a race that is a fusion of the traits of humans and dragons, along with a unique ability to mentally bond with dragons.  This led to vryken becoming known throughout ancient Geielle as fearsome dragon riders.     After the disappearance of the dragons, the vryken become myths in general to people as they lived simple lives in the frigid highlands in modern Vryer.  These myths become reality when humans began to move into the region and create the Kingdom of Vryer.  At first, relations between the Vrisians and the vryken were peaceful, but as Vryer expanded onto traditional vryken lands, conflict was inevitable.  The ensuing wars were ended with various treaties signed between the Vrisian government and the vryken bands.     These treaties were eventually distorted and twisted by the Vrisians to create the Drake Reserve system to nominally "preserve the life and culture of the vryken people."  However, many vryken just view these Reserves as condescending and dehumanizing solution to a problem Vrisians created.  While most vryken live on these Reserves, with their culture slowly becoming a blend of their traditional culture and Vrisian culture, there are some vryken that live in the wilderness and try to continue the fight to expel the human invaders to their native land.
Conservation Status
Most vryken nowadays are found on Drake Reserves in the Kingdom of Vryer, with the intent to preserve this people and their culture by the Vrisian government. However, whether this is seen as a helpful practice or a condescending form of racist imperialism is debated by vryken and non-vryken alike.
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