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Raya (Raɪ-ʌ)

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Rayas are born human, but inhabited by a celestial spirit. Depending on the nature of this spirit, anything from the raya's pigmentation, natural abilities, and even supernatural abilities could change. These changes are permanent, even if the celestial spirit eventually leaves the raya's body.   Celestials of specific divine domains have certain traits that make humans more likely to become raya.  Supposedly, according to some, if one were to embody as much of the preferred traits of domain as humanly possible, then they may be possessed by the god of that domain, creating a golraya, a more powerful version of a raya.

Genetics and Reproduction

While there is no guaranteed method of producing a raya, there are several things the prospective parents might try to do, such as eating certain foods while pregnant, encouraging certain activities from youth, to even mating with certain people to produce specific physical traits to make a child more appealing to a celestial spirit.  Additionally, having a single raya parent increase the chance a child becomes a ray themselves, doubly so if both the genitor and genitrix are rayas.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Well not used or exploited per se, raya in the Golrai Empire are often place in minor positions of power as public relations stunts.  This happens even if that raya is a low class child, which being suddenly thrust into a position of power can lead to bad things for the child, making it a controversial policy.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Raya are seen throughout the human nations of Vryer and Golrai, and are seen spattered about the Raian protectorate.  However, they are most commonly seen in Golrai, do to them being uplifted into prominent places in society.

Civilization and Culture


Raya have been known to exist for as long as humans have lived in the region.  Early on, they were viewed as generally blessed by the heavens and treated with some level of respect by other humans.  However, they were often avoided out of reverence, although some would also believe they could take a raya's blessing by killing them.     This state of affairs is still common in Vryer, but the general treatment of raya drastically shifted with the start of the Golrai Empire and the spread of Golraian influence.  Raya began to be embraced by people as gifts from the gods as opposed to avoided as a sort of reliquary.  They were given positions of political power, given several national celebrations throughout the year, and given special protections from violence.   Another aspect that arose with Golrai is the trend of godbreeding.  Well-off families heavily control their children's partners to try to produce more traits associated with humans that become raya.  This is taken to the extreme with upper noble families that breed their children is particular ways in order to attempt to produce golraya.
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