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A strange new mineral that is readily used as a power source.

History & Usage


First discovered in July 24th, 1605, by Julius Mordecai Forelli and his team of explorers who were delving the caves near Snowbarrow.


When burnt for power, the material creates toxic fumes, and in areas of heavy usage, the fumes grow thick, and ultimately leads to what's known as Forelli Sickness; symptoms including nausea and bloody vomit. There are some who report slight physical mutations, but these are surely outliers, of course.

Beastmen tend to crop up around Forellium deposits, leading to Dapplesburg researchers postulating/hypothesizing that the Forellium fumes, diluted through the surrounding air lead to the original populace transforming into the creatures they are now.  As of 2160, however, it has been labeled officially as "a correlation, and nothing more".
Burning plastic
Sickly yellow with darker green stripes