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Woodlander Community Day

Woodlander Community Day is a recently established annual holiday celebrated in the Ailurus, Lapin, and Meles Protectorates on July 11. It encourages the people of the Protectorates to come together to participate in local community projects and help the people in their communities. Some of the larger cities in each Protectorate hold fairs on this date to showcase crafts and teach their community members new skills.  


The holiday came about after a discussion between Sable Aradia and her daughter, Senna Nightshade, early in July of 2023. They were collectively looking for a way to foster a sense of community and belonging in their people, but were struggling to come up with what would be the best way to do so. Tempest Kwake, having been present for the conversation but filking a new song in their head the entire time, suggested a renaissance fair for crafts.  
Like, why don't we have a renaissance fair thing, but for, like, crafts and Literomancy?
— Tempest Kwake, the Great Flame
  Sable was immediately on board with the idea, but Senna asked where they should hold it. A fair bit of brain storming later, and it was decided that one was to be held in both the Lapin capital of Okanagan City and the Ailurus capital of Penwall.  
We should see if we can get Meles in on this too. Then we can call it "Woodlander Community Day". We could hold one every year in each of our capitals.
— Sable Aradia, the Chief Rabbit

The Okanagan City Renaissance of Skill Fair

In Okanagan City, a skill fair is planned to be hosted on July 11 in correspondence with the holiday. Craftspeople and hobbyists from around the Lapin Protectorate have booked last-minute travel to make it to the fair and teach the love for their craft. One notable person hosting a class is James Woodwright, who was roped into teaching a basic "Intro to Redsmithing" course for the event.
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Observance Date
July 11, annually

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