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Meles Protectorate

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Are you looking for a house with room to spread out and opportunities to grow? Meles is for you!
  As the home of House Meles, the protectorate is bordered to the north at the 49th parallel. Pre The First Word War states included are Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the up of Michigan.   The capital is Windy Willows "The Den" near Billings.


Meles residents are a hearty stock and have particularly warm and hospitable personalities. When you visit the Meles Protectorate, you'll be greeted with "Welcome to Meles!" and immediately offered a tray of the local specialties ranging from seafood, to farm and ranch grown meats, vegetables, and hearty breads, to regional favorites like lefse and kuchen.   Our area has coal, lumber, wind farms, ports to both oceans, the farmlands of the grain belt, ranching, a gold mine that can be revived, industrial centers, trade, tourism, and an array of colleges for everything from science and engineering to literomantic magic to the arts. There's plenty of room to grow for our population and our industries.


The Meles protectorate is located in the upper central and Pacific Northwest of the former United States.


Meles Ailurus Treaty of 2024 Territory Changes

After House Meles reverted to a minor house in March, the Woodlanders met for friendly discussions. House Meles no longer had the population base to support such a massive territory. House Ailurus had a booming population and needed more space. We made land trades that were equitable to both House Ailurus and ourselves, despite Meles giving up quite a bit of area. We retained Great Lakes access, giving us shipping options in the Pacific and Atlantic.


Territorial Trade Benefits

In giving up our southern coast, we gained a profitable one in the West. We also have the majority of the Woodlander Sovereign Corridor trade and transportation area through the Rocky Mountains. It positions Meles to be the protectors of the corridor in times of war against the Zombie Undead Horde.


Pre March 2024

Before the treaty, the Meles Protectorate covered everything east of the Rocky Mountains to the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. The North Border was the 49th Parallel and the area stretched south all the way into Mexico.  


A vast array of ecosystems are represented in the Meles Protectorate. Major types include prairies and arid grasslands, marine waters, coastal rainforests, deciduous and coniferous forests, wetlands, and badlands.


In the Pacific Northwest, the climate is more temperate with milder summers and winters. Whereas, in the North Central areas summers can be hot and winters harsh. Badger burrows are excellent at fending off issues with any of the weather extremes.
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