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Windy Willows "The Den"

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Located in the heart of the Meles Protectorate, just outside of Bozeman, the Den overlooks a tranquil mountain lake surrounded by willow trees.  


Despite being an underground city, the Den is spacious, practical, comfortable, and always well lit.   Overall design centers on arches, circles, and nature, though the style varies depending on when it was built. Whenever possible, windows are incorporated into the rooms. Much of our technology is hidden to maintain the feel of a connection with nature.  

Security and Defenses

State of the art. We renew our wards to match the latest intelligence reports on the Zombie Horde capabilities.  

Are Tours Allowed?

Yes, when the Protectorate is not at war. Please check the notification station at the Entrance Hall and book your tour with the front desk. If renovation or reconstruction is happening in an area, it may be closed off.  


The Grounds
Hiking paths surround the tranquil mountain waters. You can rest or picnic on the shore or rent a kayak to visit the islands peeking up from the middle of "Willow Lake".
by SRF + MJ
Entrance Hall and Front Desk
A cozy place to chat. It's also the location to find the latest news posted on the digital notice board and to get your literomantic keyboard.
Meles Front Desk by SRF + MJ
Throne Room
High arching ceilings and pillars help bring the focus to the central piece, the ornate, plush throne. Please note the lack of a raised dais. Even the Badger Kings and Queens are a humble group. This is the most formal of the rooms available on the tour.
Meles Throne Room by SRF + MJ
Private Royal Suite
Luxurious, state of the art. Royals need a place to retreat from the pressures of their duties and the public. These rooms are never part of the tour.

Meeting and Planning Suites
Placed throughout the den area. You may reserve these facilities at the front desk of the entrance hall.
Meeting Room by SRF + MJ
Military Wing
Top secret. Never on the tour.
Residential Quarters
Efficient and cozy with everything you could need. Badgers are shy and quiet, so all facilities are private units.
Meles Residential Quarters by SRF + MJ
Baby Badger Nursery
Tykes, who have not yet adopted a Brocktree or other trusted adult companion, live here. They have plenty of room to play and be pampered. The attached training rooms for baby badger scouts are top secret and not on the tour.
Baby Badger Playroom by SRF + MJ
A vast room with shelves upon shelves of historic and literomantic works. Be on your guard, wards are placed throughout and the amount of magic in this area makes for unstable spellcasting. It's said that sometimes the book you need appears on a shelf right before you. No one knows exactly how this happens. Perhaps ancient magic?
Meles Library by SRF + MJ
Kitchen, Pantry, and Feasthall
The kitchen is massive and practical. Everything is always in its place. Many ovens line the walls. In the center are work tables. Additionally, the pantry has multiple wings and only the head cooks really know their way around in the space. No matter how many people sit down to eat, there is always room for more. Is there some ancient magic at work here, too?
Feasthall by SRF + MJ
Please, do not venture into the basement alone. There are rumors of a vicious glitter monster. Though, His Royal Highness Prince Galakrond, accompanied by his raven—Boodles, has been known to study down there.
  And much more!   Some of the digging leads to existing tunnels. Not all of the Den has been mapped. If you are not a badger or other underground dwelling creature, please take one with you when you explore. This is for your own safety. We have limited resources to send after lost parties. Underground dwelling creatures can always find their way back.  

Notable Alterations Since the First Digging

House Meles made additional living quarters for House Ailurus, while Ailurus built their capitol, Penwall.   Security is constantly being upgraded to keep ahead of the Zombie Undead Hordes each Word War.
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