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House Ailurus

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House Ailurus is a Minor House. It has been featured in the Game of Tomes 2022.
House Ailurus is led by the Panda Archon Mykola Void with support from the Panda Polemarch Senna Nightshade and both their FeralsFoxx and Barbarossa the Wayfinder. The Ailurus Protectorate is under its care. The capital of the Ailurus Protectorate and thus House Ailurus is the city of Penwall.


The House is built on acceptance, understanding, camaradrie, and encouragement. As such, they strive to make a home for all who need it and offer a retreat and safe haven to those from other houses. They stress community and friendship above all else and believe in supporting each other through everything they face. If support or encouragement or even just a shoulder to cry on is needed, you can find it in House Ailurus.

Public Agenda

House Ailurus' goal is to create a safe, welcoming, and relaxing haven for those that need it; to offer support and friendship to all and to do what they can to make the world a better life. This includes leaders and every other Tome Knight that needs the care or help.


July 2022

  Mykola Void began to plan and hope that she would be able to found House Ailurus during the July 2022 Tourney of Tales.   Towards the end of the Tourney, Queen Siobhan surprised Mykola with the title of Duchess and a 100 acre plot of land to turn into the beginnings of Ailuridae. Thus began the planning in earnest to build and create the safe haven that she dreamed of and the settlement of Penwall.   In August 2022 construction and restoration started on the settlement that previously existed on the land set aside to build Penwall. Begining with the restoration of the Temple of All Deities, Requiem Library and The Treehouse.   The idea for House Ailurus comes from old texts and information Mykola found regarding an ancient literomantic house. This, of course, led to them being persecuted to a savage extent during the fall of the great houses and soon led to their extinction. The principles they were founded on were those of family and unity in community, things that resonate with Mykola to a high degree. There were two historical professions the house observed that Mykola decided bring back into being, the art of the apothocary and animal keeping. As such a portion of Ailuridae has been set aside as a wildlife rescue and reserve.


House Ailurus controls the Ailurus Protectorate, a territory that primarily encompasses what used to be known as the states of Washington and Oregon, as well as portions of Idaho. Aldergrove, British Columbia is also encompassed by this territory, although multiple surrounding areas are considered Lapin territory.


House Ailurus is a pantheistic organization which recognizes and accepts all religions and denominations so long as no harm comes to their communities. They have no one official religion, instead acknowledging all of them.


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Open Hearts & Pens

Led by
Mykola Void — the Panda Archon
House Heir
Senna Nightshade — the Panda Polemarch
The FeralsFoxx and Barbarossa the Wayfinder
Founding Date
August 2022
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
Red Panda House
Panda House
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Ailurisians (official)
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
The official currency of House Ailurus is the Woodlander Talon, which has recently replaced its former currency of the Ailurus Airi, which was only in mint for a few months.
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations
Related Items
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

Diplomatic Relations

Ailurus ↔ Avis

30 ↔ 30

Military Alliance

Avis and Ailurus are, in general, positively inclined to one another. Their leaders wrote together in the Battle of the Book. However, they have not established close relationships, due to differing priorities.

Ailurus ↔ Chiroptera

80 ↔ 80

Military and Trade Alliance

Ailurus fought for Chiroptera in the Third Word War, and Archon Mykola and Queen Tara became the best of friends. Both have worked hard to maintain good relationships and friendships when Ailurus changed fealty.

Ailurus ↔ Lapin

99 ↔ 99

Mutual Interdependence

As mutual members of the Woodland Family Alliance, the relationship between the two Houses is excellent. Lapin took Ailurus in after the Fall of Chiroptera in the Third Word War, and even actively came to their rescue. Ailurus established a crucial system of food supply for House Lapin before the War, and were willing to die to protect it. Their leaders are family and have been embracing that relationship. Lapin ceded The Missing House's small Protectorate to Ailurus in the crisis, and the two Houses have developed an excellent, mutually-dependent relationship, with open borders, a common currency, free trade, and a combined military force.

Ailurus ↔ Meles

85 ↔ 90

Mutual Interdependence

As mutual members of the Woodland Family Alliance, the relationship between the two Houses is excellent. Their leaders are family and have been embracing that relationship. Meles signed the treaty that ceded the Missing House's small Protectorate to Ailurus in the crisis, and the two Houses have developed an excellent, mutually-dependent relationship, with excellent trade relationships, diplomacy, and military support. The Woodlanders have open borders and free trade between them, and have even embraced a common currency. Ailurus has offered their support to Meles for the April 2023 Tourney of Tales, even though the Panda Polemarch is somewhat wary after their failure to notice that Lord Galakrond was being mind-controlled.

Ailurus ↔ Mollusca

50 ↔ 40

Military and Trade Alliance

Relations between Ailurus and Mollusca is generally positive, but they have not had much chance to work together. Still, a friendship is growing between Archon MykolaVoid and Scion Striker, which is opening up doors. They have worked together to facilitate overseas trade.

Ailurus ↔ Sauropoda

50 ↔ 50

Military Alliance

The Woodland Family Alliance supported Sauropoda in the Third Word War, and Sauropoda rescued and sheltered the Woodlanders when House Lapin fell, so relations are relatively good between the two Houses. Sauropoda came to Ailurus' rescue in the Battle of Aldergrove, and this is not forgotten.

Ailurus ↔ The Company

-100 ↔ -100

Mortal Enemies

Ailurus and The Company are mortal enemies who will kill or kidnap each other on sight.

Ailurus ↔ Chaos Cartel

85 ↔ 95


Both leaders of Ailurus are suspected members of the Chaos Cartel. The Archon has been recognized by the Cartel as "The Candle of Hope." In other words, they probably couldn't be happier with each other, and the word of one carries a lot of weight with the other.

Ailurus ↔ The Self-Care Mafia

50 ↔ 50

Good Terms

For the most part, the SCM and Ailurus get along pretty well. Their main points of dispute are that Ailurus, being heavily neurodiverse, has differing opinions than the Mafia sometimes about what constitutes self-care, but for the most part, they agree self-care is important, and have no problems with the message the Mafia is delivering, Aside from occasionally having to lean on the Panda Polemarch and the Archon about sleeping more, the Mafia is pretty happy with Ailurus, too. Since Feral Foxx is suspected of being a Mafioso, this has also helped to build relations.


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