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The Treaty of Monte Carlo

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  The Treaty of Monte Carlo, also known as the Bodyguard Treaty, is an arms limitation treaty which sets out the laws by which the station of Bodyguard is governed within the Great Houses, as well as laying out the laws governing the neutral territories of Iceland, it being the location of the Great Library, and of Monte Carlo. There have been amendments to this treaty, and further amendments are open for discussion.   To date, each House is allowed five bodyguards, and each bodyguard is permitted twenty underlings, of which five are permitted to be Literomancers. The organization structure of each bodyguard team is variable, although it is generally accepted that the ranks are as follows:  
Rank Used By
BR-1 through BR-9 Bodyguard Underlings
BOf-1 Junior Bodyguards
BOf-2 Senior Bodyguards
BOf-3 Heads of the Bodyguard Teams
BOf-4 House Leaders
    Under the Treaty of Monte Carlo, the permanent control of nuclear, chemical, and/or biological weapons by bodyguards is prohibited, although control of such weapons may be seized in times of war. The BWC, CWC, TPNW, Geneva Protocol, and all other treaties that may affect the usage of biological, chemical, and/or nuclear weapons are not affected by this treaty. As such, a Bodyguard may incriminate themself by using such weapons during a period of temporary control.
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Also Known As
The Bodyguard Treaty
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
April 7, 2021
Ratification Date
April 29, 2021
Ailurus Protectorate
Avis Protectorate
Ceapaire Protectorate
Chiroptera Protectorate
█████ Protectorate
Incendium Protectorate
Kitsune Protectorate
Lapin Protectorate
Lemon Company, The
Meles Protectorate
Mollusca Protectorate
Sauropoda Protectorate
Tiki Protectorate
World Literomantic Academy, The

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