5E, 212th year. Fifth Day of Newbloom.

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A rich fantasy world driven by character stories with interwoven tales of friendship, betrayal, politics, magic and deep lore.   Elves and Man are the dominant species with a history of war and oppression between their races.   Characters as old as time have a lasting effect on the world today as many interesting characters make their way around a living literature world.   The main story centres around a group of adventurers living their lives in this fantasy world. They travel together but also part ways and live their own unique adventures.   Necromancers resurfacing, pirate civil wars, biblical cataclysms, bonds of friendship and losses of loved ones.   Galfin brings the adventure to the vast array of characters intricately weaved in this high fantasy world with light humour and high stakes.   In this world you will encounter many fantastic creatures, deep characters and fun adventures. Galfin is a homebrew fantasy world that has been in development for just over 10 years. There is a lot to be discovered but also endless information to be created.   I, Bambam57, as well as a couple other friends have turned this initial worldbuilding project into an immersive world that we now play D&D 5E every week. The world tries to maintain it's separation but on occasion a blink dog will pop on by. Influence comes from many different areas.   Enjoy exploring the realm of Galfin.   Galfin was named by the Lumis elves when they arrived from Adroa. Before their fall from grace and corruption into the Onyx Elves. the humans of my world were originally called the Gaul (hence the Gaulan Plains) and Fin is the old elvish word for Land. Galfin's etymology is literally "Man's Land" in Elvish.  
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