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Munab is under siege, and the loyalties of its people are divided.   For the commander of Munab's gigantic mechanical sentinels, it's hard enough to stop the enemy gaining ground. But when the enemy turns to sabotage, will he be able to protect one of the Munabi rebels' greatest weapons?  


Sentinel takes place after The Empyrean and before Bile and Blood, but contains some spoilers for revelations that occur within Bile and Blood.  


  • Ellit Progaeryon
  • Maeve

  •   Events:
  • Munabi civil war

  •   Locations:
  • Munab

  •   Organisations:
  • The Protectorate
  • The Keepers
  • The Kept
  • The Technocracy
  • Munabi Rebels

  •   Technology
  • Sentinel
  • Publication type
    Short story   First published
    April 2023   Availability
    Exclusive to newsletter and Ream subscribers


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