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Bile and Blood


The galaxy hangs on the brink of chaos. Someone is about to give it a shove. An uneasy truce holds in a war-ravaged galaxy. A troubled Palia has been left with only fragments of her memories after a catastrophic event. With Ferrash now in hiding, she is convinced everyone blames her for his departure. Keen to make things right, the empyrric resolves to find him and fix what’s broken.   Deep in his own mission, Ferrash makes a dangerous journey back into a society where emotions are illegal to infiltrate its government. But lacking control over his emotions, the spy-turned-rogue risks blowing his cover before he can incite rebellion.   When war breaks out again, Palia and Ferrash find themselves on opposing sides. Struggling to control her empyrric power and worried Ferrash is about to make a deadly mistake, Palia wades into battle to find him.   Can she stop his multi-layered plans from causing more bloodshed, or has Ferrash ignited a fire they can’t extinguish?  

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