Sibir's Ring

Written by Sierra Brown.
Artwork by Sierra Brown.

A large field of asteroids in close orbit of the star in the New Sibir system. Sibir's Ring is rich in resources, but extremely dangerous due to its close proximity to the New Sibir star.


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Sibir's Ring is a tightly packed, fast-moving asteroid belt orbiting close to the star of the New Sibir System. The asteroids are rich in resources useful to the United Arshan Federation, but is also very hazardous. The close proximity to the star leaves the belt and any vessels or facilities within it at constant risk of solar storms and flares, and the higher speed orbits of the individual rocks make navigating the field far more dangerous.


Sibir's Ring serves as the primary source of raw materials for the New Sibir colony not found on the planet itself, as well as a source of export to other parts of the Federation.

Alternative Name(s)
Kol'tso Sibiri
Asteroid belt
Location under
New Sibir System


Author's Notes

Written as a part of WorldAnvil's 2019 Inktober Writing Gauntlet, under the prompt 'Ring'.

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