Arshan Equipment & Vehicle Designations

Written by Sierra Brown.
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A guide and listing of the various designations currently used by the United Arshan Federation for labeling equipment, vehicles, etc.


This article is currently a work in progress and may be incomplete or subject to change.


Within the United Arshan Federation, devices, vehicles, and other equipment used by the military or government are given specific designations consisting of a sequence of letters, a number, and a name. The letters signify the exact purpose, role, or function of the item, the model number its sequence within its general group, and the name simply a designated title used to easily reference a specific piece of equipment.


The exact meanings of specific sequences of letters depend on the context and district. For example, the letter 'A' designates a standard select-fire assault weapon when tagged to a rifle or other weapon, but refers to an attack fighter when tagged to a strike craft.

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Strike Craft

Strike craft are generally defined as small vessels capable of atmospheric or space flight, or both. Typically, these are crewed by a solo pilot, a pilot and co-pilot, or a small three to four man crew, and are intended to be launched from an airbase, station, or vessel's hanger. Strike craft letter sequences have two parts, separated by a slash, i.e. S/A. The first part signifies flight capability ('Aero', 'Star', or 'AeroSpace'), and the second designated the role and function of the craft. These designations are also used for flight group designations in military squadrons that field strike wings to designate the intended role of that flight group.

Is it 'Star' or 'Space'?

A common disagreement between Arshans from different parts of the Federation is whether the 'S' in strike craft designations means 'Star' or 'Space'. Even official documents seem to use the terms interchangeably. The disagreements reached a point where the Internal Affairs Branch released a statement that either interpretation is acceptable. Most commonly, however, the 'S' means 'Star' when on its own, or 'Space' when paired with A to make 'AeroSpace'.


Flight Capability Codes

Code Designation
A Aero
S Star
AS AeroStar

Role/Function Codes

Code Designation
A Attacker
B Bomber
F Fighter
I Interceptor
T Transport

List of Strike Craft

S/A-7 "Talon"
Vehicle | May 20, 2020

A strike craft design in current active service within the United Arshan Federation. The Talon is a hanger-based attack craft, intended to support attacks on larger, fortified targets such as capital ships and stations.



Weaponry designations are applied to a variety of different kinds of weapons - Rifles, pistols, grenades, knives, and other more niche categories. Most weapons typically have a 2 letter prefix - One designating the intended role and function, the other designating the type of weapon.


Role/Function Codes

Code Designation
A Standard/Select-Fire Assault Weapon

Weapon Type Codes

Code Meaning
C Carbine
P Pistol/Sidearm
R Rifle

List of Weaponry


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