Galaxies End

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A legacy of humanity

In the year 2034 AD, global tensions rose to conflict and open warfare. In what became historically known as 'The Third War', or 'The Final War' to some, major superpowers of Earth vied for political control of the planet, its resources, and its people. However, none of these powers were victorious, for just two years after the war began the first nuclear missile was launched offensively. More followed mere seconds after the first, and within a matter of hours, the Earth was left in a smoldering ruin of radiation and fire. Yet this was not the end of humanity in the galaxy - Merely a new beginning.


As signs of the pending war grew more prominent, various advocates for peace and the future of humanity began a new project: The construction of large, space-faring colony ships. The project took years, with a number of setbacks, but was eventually successful. Mere months before the nuclear fallout began, a number of these ships were filled with human volunteers from every nation, every walk of life, and sent into space never to be seen or heard from by the residents of Earth again. Some found habitable planets, some found life among the stars that welcomed them, but some drifted aimlessly forever.


These colony ships, alongside the survivors of humanity in the Mars colonies and aboard the ISS, formed the basis of the new human powers that rebuilt over the next several hundred years. The year is now 2726 AD and a new war of an even larger scale is brewing...


Originally created as a generic back-story for characters in an open science-fiction RP community with the Arshan character Jack Wolfe, Galaxies End has grown into a full universe of history and stories. The universe is intended to be put to use in tabletop RPG campaigns, or possibly even as the basis of stories or games in the distant future.


The history of the universe is currently focused on humanity and their role in the galactic theater, with only minor spotlights on alien races and their own histories, with the four main human powers of the galaxy at the forefront: The United Arshan Federation, the Sol Empire, the Republic of Sion, and the Varkesh member state: The Democratic Republic of Terra.


Humanity, Divided


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After a somewhat disappointing entry into the world (I had been holding out for the role of Gregory Peck, but it had been filled long before and I had simply failed to notice the announcement.), I proceeded to have a childhood that gave me access to a num

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Greetings Traveller! I&#039;ve got some bad news for you... because if you have a look at my world, you&#039;ll notice that it&#039;s not written in english. Since I plan on DM&#039;ing my world with some german friends, it is written in german. If you se


I&#039;ve been a lifelong gamer of all platforms and all types. Through the years I&#039;ve noticed the lack of work that includes people that look like me (black people). Thanks to World Anvil, I have the chance to develop a world that is Afrocentric in

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I am a professional software developer, 2-bit author, and aspiring artist using World Anvil to create a centralized Lore and Mechanics Codex for my ongoing project, a pen-and-paper Grimbright Sci-fantasy RPG set in the distant future. There are over 20 ra