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Halo Division

Written by Sierra Brown.
Artwork by NovaCandy and Sierra Brown.


A division of the UASF's Ekho Intelligence Forces encompassing various forms of special operations units.

Halo is the Ekho Intelligence Forces' de-facto infiltration and combat division for any and all operations that may or will involve combat. Halo itself is far more generalized than the various divisions of the Fokstrot Ground Forces or Delta Naval Forces. Individual Halo units can operate in sizes ranging from a full platoon strength to individual fire teams. Each unit is heavily specialized in a specific field of force recon. Some may criticize the concept of 'Do one thing,' but nobody can deny Halo's ability to 'Do it well.'


Organizational Structure


As a tier A3 divisional branch of the Ekho Intelligence Forces, Halo is commanded by an Admiral and their cabinet of support staff. Prior to the reformation of Arshan ranks, Halo was led by senior commissioned officers, typically of the rank Commodore or Rear Admiral.



Unlike other infantry divisions in the Federation's military, Halo is not divided into regiments, companies, and units. Instead, Halo solely fields independent units that report directly to divisional command. These units are typically dispatched without oversight to designated areas to complete a given operation and extract. In some cases, Halo units may be placed under the command of a regional command in support of a wider scale operation. In other cases, Halo units are assigned to E.R.A. operatives and placed under their direct command.


Individual Units

The structure of an individual Halo unit can very widely by the requirements and specialization of the unit. Generally, these can range from 3 man teams to full platoons of 4 eight-man squads. Individual unti specializations can range anywhere from basic reconnaisance or combat infantry to saboteurs, assassins, sniper teams, demolition teams, and other infantry based specializations.

Military, Special Operations Force
Alternative Names
Halo Division
Divisional Assignment/Category
Infantry Combat & Reconnaissance
Federal Organization Level
A1 (Divisional)
Federal Organization Tree
A3: Foreign Sector
A2: Ekho Intelligence Forces
A1: Halo Division
ADM Henryka Voronin (Division Admiral)
ADM Camron Tracy (Division Vice Admiral)

Cover image: Sairis Helosi Portrait, Galaxies End Logo, & Arshan Emblem by NovaCandy & Sierra Brown


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