Foxtrot Squadron

Infantry & Mechanized Branch

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The United Arshan Federation's standing army. Foxtrot Squadron consists of infantry and armor divisions, as well as front line armed garrisons.


Foxtrot Squadron serves as the United Arshan Federation's army, fielding both infantry and armor divisions. The majority of the Federation's non-naval military force, including infantry, armor, and artillery, comes from Foxtrot, and all planet-side conflict is coordinated and operated by them. Boarding parties sent from Delta Squadron vessels to capture enemy ships also incorporates Foxtrot infantry divisions. Transportation of Foxtrot personnel between fields of operations is typically handled by Delta Squadron. Foxtrot uniforms are identified by a red trim.


Foxtrot Squadron's tier system is relatively straight forward. At the highest level is the typical Squadron command group consisting of an upper command and a lower command. Directly under the squadron commander are the Division and Region command groups that make up the lower command - Commanders of the two forms of districts that Foxtrot Squadron utilizes

From there, the chain of command goes to base and operational commanders at tier 3, platoon commanders at tier 2, then individual squad and vehicle commanders at tier 1. This structure allows for a clear and concise system required in planet-side combat zones.

Chain of Command

Tier 5 Admiral
  • Squadron Command Group
Tier 4 Colonel
  • Division Command Group
  • Region Command Group
Tier 3 Major
  • Base Commanders
  • Operation Commanders
Tier 2 Lieutenant
  • Platoon Commanders
Tier 1 Sergeant
  • Squad Commanders
  • Vehicle Commanders



The current Foxtrot Squadron Commander is Matt Rome. As with all other squadrons, Foxtrot's command consists of the Commander, Sub-Commander, senior advisor, and command aides in the upper level. The division and region commands fill out the lower level, delegating tasks out to their subordinates to accomplish Foxtrot's objectives.



Following the same structure as all over Arshan military branches, Foxtrot Squadron is divided up into districts encompassing specific divisions of troops and doctrine, or specific long-term operational regions. These districts are classified as either Divisions or Regions within Foxtrot.



All of Foxtrot Squadron's personnel are considered to be part of a division - A district defining roles and doctrine for uniformed personnel within the branch. These divisions vary between infantry, armor, logistics, garrison, command, and other such fields not covered by the other primary military branches of the Federation. Divisions hold a chain of command tracing down to individual squads, vehicles, and other unit-level organizational tiers, typically portrayed as Division > Base or Operation > Platoon > Unit. This chain of command can vary for individual units, however, as their platoons are dispatched to various regions and placed under the command of operation and base commanders.


ARM-CBT "TIGER" Armored Combat Forces

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INF-DEF "RED SHIELD" Base Defense Forces

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INF-RCN "RELIC" Reconnaissance Forces

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Regional districts are always under the command of Foxtrot personnel, with the exception of specialist and non-combat regions. These regions encompass a select territory that holds some form of strategic significance to the Federation - Borders, supply lines, training facilities, front lines, etc. Each region is led by a specific regional commander charged with a specific goal for the region. Below him, base commanders maintain garrisons and logistical support while operation commanders serve as mobile headquarters and oversee tactical level objectives. Units from Foxtrot and Tango squadrons are assigned to these regions, with Delta squadron fleets providing additional support as necessary.

Full unit and fleet designations tend to include a regional prefix if assigned to a given region - I.e. ARM-CBT-NSF Tiger 182, and armored combat unit located in the New Sion Combat Front..


NSF New-Sion Front

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SEB Sol Empire Border

Main article: Sol-Arshan Border

TBR Tri-Border Region

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VAB Varkesh Alliance[sic] Border

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