The Elven Village of Thil Noris

Before the End
Thousands of years ago, elves still lived and thrived in what is now called¬†The Ruined Plateau of Thysduin, back when it was a lush and beautiful place. One of the settlements of Thysduin was the quiet elven village of Thil Noris, a small community of farmers, herders, and elves looking for a simpler life away from the larger cities of central Thysduin. Thil Noris was a simple village, constructed of a few dozen simple stone and wood homes, surrounded by a small deciduous forest filled with purple and red-leaved trees. Shortly outside this forest was acres of farmland tenderly cared for by the elven citizens of the Thil Noris. It was a peaceful community that lived life exploring the wonderous forests and plains of their region and cared not for the complications of their brethren's pursuits of breaking technological boundaries.   Sadly this peaceful existence would be destroyed during the cataclysm caused by The Ioria Portal disaster in the capital of Thysduin, Elys Lenora. Rolling waves of plague-carrying miasma would crash into Thil Noris with little warning, draining the life from the land and the citizens within, leaving all it touched a blighted and poisoned. Very few escaped from Thil Noris and those that did only survived due to their farms being on the outskirts of the region closer to borders of the plateau.   For thousands of years, Thil Noris sat untouched, the timbers and bones of the village long since rotted away to nothingness. However, in recent years the miasma has receded to the central forests of The Ruined Plateau, revealing Thil Noris for the first time since its destruction.
Only a few short months ago a team of adventurous researchers and knowledge seekers braved the dangerous terrain of the Ruined Plateau in order to uncover the history of this lost nation's past. It was not the first time a group of adventures ventured into these lands, but most either returned with their tails hid behind their backs or they didn't come back at all. While only a few days travel from the southern entrance of the Ruined Plateau the group found itself being hunted by various packs of starving predators. Having fought off several attacks from these predators the adventurers found themselves stumbling upon the ruins of Thil Noris. It was a magnificent discovery, one that could lead to a wealth of lost knowledge for the group, but they still had the beasts to contend with.   Within a few hours of arriving the adventurers had created a simple fortification in which to defend themselves from attack. And over the next few days, they battled attacks from various beasts that had been following them across the plateau since their arrival. Somehow they pulled through without any losses, though they were all worn and hurt from numerous battles.   Once they had recovered enough to begin exploring Thil Noris they discovered that much of the village had long been lost to time, most of the buildings had been reduced to rubble and was difficult to traverse. But the team wasn't deterred as it soon became obvious that the village was a trove of artifacts and with time and caution they could begin to unravel what had happened here years ago. And even more intriguing were the strange chambers they found hidden below the city centre, with some work, the team hoped to clear the way into these chambers and uncover the secrets that lay inside.
New Purpose and Life in Thil Noris
The team of researchers have now been living in Thil Noris for a few months, while they have not been able to repair any of the original structures they have been able to construct a series of sturdy research tents. Most of which are made from strong canvas, and are tied to the ground with thick rope and spikes for stability. They have also been able to fortify much of the borders of the village, stopping predators from immediately breaking into their camp. Though the beasts in the Ruined Plateau are aggressive and starved, and often break through these protections.   The site is often preyed on and attacked by the wild creatures of the area, while not as frequent as when they first arrived these adventures must still deal with attacks every few days. Some of the more combat-experienced members of the group have been tasked with keeping watch over the borders of Thil Noris, alerting the rest of the team when they spot a threat. When an attack is imminent, the team will mobilize and respond immediately, with the warriors upfront, and the spellcasters and healers in the back. While not all of the team are powerful warriors or casters, all have experience with travelling and staying in dangerous lands. As such, each knows their role well and the team works efficiently when faced with adversity.   Food has been a difficult task for the crew, as their stores are beginning to run low and the ground is far too toxic to grow sustainable produce easily. However, one of their members is a cleric of Eeavarin, who each day has been blessing and consecrating the land in order for them to begin growing a small number of crops. This has proven taxing for the cleric to steadily do but they have made some progress and some seeds have begun to sprout and grow. In the meantime, the group has been sustaining themselves with the last of the provisions they brought with them, and with the magical assistance of their cleric who can create small amounts of food each day. Though neither of these options provides satisfying meals.   The team is in the midst of working their way through the remains of the village, collecting any artifact safe enough to move, storing them in special crates and chests lined with cloth and padding designed to keep the items within safe during travel. A few team members have begun to plan and set up the necessary tools in order for them to begin excavating the collapsed chambers that lie below the village centre. Though due to the fragility of the chambers below they will need to be cautious as any sudden or mishandled move may cause the earth and the researches site above to collapse into the chamber below. Another major concern is the possibility that disturbing the earth may cause trapped contaminants from the ages-old plague to be released into the air.   Life is not easy in the ruins of Thil Noris, but this team of adventuring researchers refuse to give up and they plan on staying until they can learn all they can about this once quaint and calming village. The team hopes that one day they will be able to venture deeper into the lands once known as the Elven Kingdom of Thysduin.
Adventuring Researchers
The group that has taken up residence in Thil Noris only number about a dozen and a half. What sets this group apart is the fact that they are not only researchers, archeologists, and anthropologists but also seasoned adventurers well equipped and experienced with dealing with dangerous situations and locations.¬†   This is not the first time this group has ventured into dangerous territory in the search of lost or hidden knowledge, it is, however, the most dangerous place they have found themselves in their career thus far.
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