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Inti Brides

by hughpierre


Virgin of the Sun

Sun virgins are chosen girls, removed from their families, whose futures are yet to be determined.
At the uncertain stage where they become too old for the House of Women, most are married off to imperial favourites and those aren't are elevated to the role by the viceroy.


  • Chaste for life
  • Formal Innoit education under the acllawasi
  • Duties

  • Oversee the ceremonies of Inti
  • Instill discipline on the junior chosen girls under their care
  • Responsibilities

  • Produce luxury items for the state
  • Prepare ritual food
  • Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

    In accordance with their position, they are viewed was being "married to the Sun" granting them a certain amount of divine responsibilities. Therefore, though infrequent, past brides have been executed after evidence of their infidelity were discovered; typically in connection with some politically motivated scandal.

    Cultural Significance

    Married to a God

    Brides wear simple, but distinctive, clothing and hairstyles as part of their a monastic environment and from where they interact with the broader community they were assigned. Their most lavished adornment is a headdress made from local resources which is meant to make it easier for the normally foreign-born brides to integrate; while still enforcing their higher status. With complicated results:
    1. common boys consider them elegant but stern
    2. common girls consider them foreboding and authoritative
    3. common men consider them distant and forbidden
    4. common women consider them entitled but reliable
    5. some brides consider themselves family to the Son of the Sun

    Religious, Political
    Form of Address
    My Lady
    Alternative Naming
  • Brides to the Sun
  • Acllas
  • Equates to
    Source of Authority
    Length of Term


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