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Four Corners

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4 Corners was a blue marble in a collection of brown ones. It sat proudly just far enough away from its orange sun to sustain any life a Being wanted to breathe into existence and possessed 3 moons that pulled the tides of its one expansive ocean. Fezzeret was a god-like creature that traveled the stars and was obsessed with the hunt. Chaos embodied, he could take what he wanted and breathed it into creation. The power of such a gift corrupted his mind, and the day he found that blue marble he decided to make that world his.   He molded the single large continent of 4 Corners to be his hunting ground and he molded the people to be the ultimate prey. The peoples of 4 corners were smart, adaptable creatures, and while Fezzeret loved marching across his sandbox and slaying his own creations, he grew bored quickly. So, every time he grew bored, he created a different kind of people with different features to improve the hunt. The Fezzeret grew bored hunting alone.    The next creations were the Fiends- Fezzeret's children. These creatures had the ability to take to the skies, seas, and lands so that no environment would be safe for the prey peoples to hide. Watching the hunt and the slaughter pleased Fezzeret to no end, and he spent years and years watching this show he had created. For millennia, the prey peoples fought to stay alive. They developed new adaptations to increase their chances of survival their skin developed spots or stripes to blend in with the environment, their vision and hearing sharpened, and the villages they created could be broken down in moments so that they could flee at the sight of one of Fezzeret's monstrous beasts. Yet the story for them always ended the same way- at the mercy of the all-consuming breath of the Fiends.    And then one night, all of humanity on 4 Corners collectively decided it could not take the cruelty anymore. It started with one village. A group began to sing. They sang and cried collectively together. They sang of the cruelty of their god who had forsaken them, and they sang to the universe for someone or something to save them. Another village heard them and joined, and then another. And eventually, just about every village across the entire continent joined in song. Fezzeret's fiends heard them and dove in for an easy feast. The Night of Song became the Night of Slaughter. Yet, something else heard them as well, a few something else’s heard them.   As the many prey people of 4 Corners sang to the universe for mercy, their song traveled beyond the far corners of Fezzeret's playground and landed on the ears of 6 other Beings. And when they finally started listening, they knew they had to act. So the Beings traveled to 4 Corners to save the prey people from their cruel god. When they arrived, there was not much of them left to save, The Night of Slaughter still fresh in history. Yet, the 6 knew two things upon their arrival. One, that they had to save whatever was left of these people, and two, Fezzeret a being who used his power for self-serving hatred and cruelty needed to be destroyed to keep him from ever creating another tortured race ever again. The new Beings traveled, one to each corner of the continent and the remaining two, a pair of twin Beings took to the center. They began giving man gifts of magic, knowledge, and organization in order to give them an advantage against their fiendish adversaries. And so, the Touched were born. And soon after, Fezzeret was slain.   The Beings became the New Gods to these people and centuries of peace, prosperity, and progression followed. Fezzeret's children, the Fiends, were banished to deep below the ground with a protective net of magical force to keep them from crawling out. The People of 4 Corners live a life of perceived happiness. Yet, as time continues, the story of the land and its 6 visitor Gods has evolved, twisted, and turned.    Much has happened since the Fall of Fezzeret, and rumors of his return one day are a haunted story that is whispered among the modern people of Four Corners.