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Nesse the Unascended

Origin: Unknown.  Alliances: Herself.  Powers: Vast  Goals: Many    

World Background

Fezzeret, the Chaos beast was close to a million years old when he created the landmasses on the blue marble known as 4 Corners. He found a beautiful place that hung in the balance between the worlds of Element, of Light and Dark, of the Fey Kingdom, and of Worlds beyond. Years of study, time, hoarding, and accumulating power, Fezzeret celebrated his ascendancy by forming this new world he found and created into hunting grounds where he can create and prey upon anything he wished. Each type of creature he created presented a greater challenge than the last. All were his playthings and a reward for at last achieving the ultimate goal of any of his own people. He even created his own offspring, each in a likeness of himself, to hunt with him. They looked down upon all that the Chaos Beast created and they decided that is life was good.    That all came crashing down thousands of years later when 6 god-like powerful creatures made a connection with the world to put the ascended Beast down. It took time, magic, and lots sacrifice, but ultimately the newly ascended Chaos Beast (new for a god that is) was slain, and his children banished deep within the earth protected by a powerful magic barrier known as The Net.    It is important to know, however, that Fezzeret was not the only one of his kind and certainly not the only one who desires ascendancy.   

Nesse Arrives

  The Fall of Fezzeret was not a quiet one. Him falling to the ground, at last, sent reverberations throughout the universe, and all who hailed from the world of his origins, especially his closest kin felt his death deep within their souls. Yet Nesse had no time or patience for mourning. Fezzeret was powerful and ambitious, but far from wise with his power. This forced Nesse to ask the question how did one of their kind who was as foolish as he manage to achieve the goal that all of them had been seeking for eons?   The answer, she convinced herself, would be found in the very place that Fezzeret created. So Nesse formed her plan, arrived on 4 Corners, and played the slow but steady game of gaining knowledge and searching for answers. She took on the form of one of these people that her kin had created and hid in plain sight, searching, learning, and watching the people of this land develop and evolve very, very, slowly.   

Her Methods

  As time went on, and her understanding has grown, she has managed to wield an immense and impressive amount of power. Her most recent accomplishment was discovering the method which extra-worldly beings can connect and bond with a lifeforce of this world. Fey do it with contractual power, Elios and Lyra did it with weapons. But she soon discovered how to do so without any focus at all. Soulbonding was the first step in understanding what she could accomplish. And so, she employed it, time and time again. Her "apprentice" as she would call them could then do her dirty work so that she could exist energetically elsewhere- essentially accomplishing twice the work in half the time. Putting two minds on the task, even if one is so mundane as a prey creature, would mean she could finally accomplish her goal in half the time.   Soulbonding has allowed her to completely control things behind the scenes and the apprentice bonded simply thinks they are pursuing their goals and not only her own. It is the perfect arrangement. And, now that a war has begun and one of her kin is making their own attempt at control by becoming a warlord, she now knows that her time to accumulate power, knowledge, and supremacy is now limited. She will either have to beat the warlord Narne are her goal or destroy her before she accomplishes it. 4 Corners only has enough power, energy, and room for 1 god after all. That's why 6 others left.

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