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Florenic Glossary

A Tool for Defining Common Words


This glossary contains the terminologies and definitions for words both as used in MrBauta’s games and within the Florenic Worlds. Indented words means they can be found within this article or have a definition. Sometimes that definition is obvious to experienced players but a definition is provided for clarity’s sake regardless.

Starting with A-G

Active Player. Compared to a Passive Player, Active Players are often group leaders who take charge and push events or progress within the game.

Advancements. In the Florenic Worlds, science and math are clumped together into the same subject called Advancements. This is seen because of how both subjects often need the other to develop civilization further.

Development. Progression within the story or what narrative events occur as a result of the story’s progression.

Florenic. Not to be confused with Florenian, Florenic is the demonym for material from the Florenic Worlds as a whole. Florenian is the demonym for something from Florenelle.

Guild Episodic. A campaign style that has the Party under a shared patron, benefactor, employer, etc. who takes them on to do adventuring. Often these are one-shot adventures with different or similar overarching goals.

Starting with H-Z

Influence. This is often used to describe how planar powers change and alter a creature, spellcasting, a region, or other phenomena. Corruption is used as an unwanted term for these changes.

One-Shot. These are adventures that can be finished within a single 4-hour session of play.

Party. A catch all term for the characters of a group of players in the same Dungeons and Dragons game.

Passive Player. Compared to an Active Player, Passive Players sit back and tend to only engage the game once prompted or following the direction of others.

Realm. Usually, this refers to a plane of existence, such as the Fell or Haven.

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