Dracul Vampirism


Creatures typically acquire this strain of vampirism when an exchange of blood is had, whether by drinking or injecting the strain.


Acquired Early Traits

These are effects that occur when almost immediately infected.

  • Superhuman regeneration.
  • Hands and feet become specialized to climb along flat surfaces.
  • Canine teeth either grow in or extend. These teeth can bite into people and wound their life to heal.
  • Heightened physical performance.
  • Resistance is gained against common harms, such as swords and musketry. Silver or magic is the easiest way to bypass this.
  • A vampire has no shadow nor a reflection from silver-backed mirrors.

Acquired Later Traits

If a dracul vampire is given time to mature, they obtain these traits.

  • Shapeshifting into a bat, wolf or dog.
  • Slight manipulation of local wildlife, such as rats, bats, or wolves
  • An enchanting ability, similar to hypnosis, can be used.
  • Transfusing blood with others can cause this strain to spread. Vampires with this strain that infect others with this have a weak psychic link to commune with each other.


  • Standing in sunlight shunts out every acquired trait except for the resistance, shadow, and reflection.
  • An unnatural fear of holy water.
  • A wooden stake to the heart incapacitates the vampire.
  • An invitation into a residence is necessary for a vampire to enter.
  • Running water can cause burns.


The sooner the strain is caught, the better. Simple cleansing spells, potions, and holy water can cure it. Once undeath has corrupted the victim, it is too late to be cured.


Dracul vampires must feast on blood to stay immortal else they age away like the rest of humanity. Humanoid cattle or indoctrinating them into being fanatic donators are methods they can use to keep going.


Dracul Vampirism is the first strain of vampiric types of undeath. It was crafted between Arkengrath and Count Constantine as further research for necromancy.

Constantine lavished in the idea of living forever but didn't want to be some walking husk of a man. Arkengrath vowed to coordinate with him on how to concoct this new variation. Vampirism became the result of this scientific pursuit. Not only could Constantine live forever, but he could also spread this condition to those he cared for as well.


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