Long ago, they were one of the most powerful civilizations in the world. They vanished in the wake of the Third Reckoning, but their disappearance is far from ordinary. Other cultures that were wiped out left cities full of ruin and bodies everywhere. The cities of the Takits, however, are relatively untouched and just... empty. For centuries, archaeologists have been baffled by their empty cities. It seems they all just left, with no given reason why. The mystery baffled people until the Fourth Reckoning, at which time they passed out of general knowledge. Their ruins sit in the northern taiga, forgotten and abandoned.


Average technological level

They were very advanced for their time. Their cities were built around geothermal vents, and they harnessed that power for central heating through brass pipes. Their primary metal was bronze, which they used for weaponry and infrastructure.

Common Dress code

Due to their climate, they usually wore clothing made from fur. In the winter, they wore heavy parkas with an inner shirt of softer fur that faced the skin. During the long, cool summers, they wore lighter skins or knitted clothing made from wool. Bright colours were expensive to dye and reserved for the upper classes. There were not many differences between male and female dress, as both were adapted for the cold. The most common decoration on clothing was beaded patterns around the trim or on the chest.

Major organizations

They had an empire centred on the city-state of Fjafev. The empire expanded across the narrow sea to demand tribute from the villages in a more agriculturally rich area.