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Hosque Religion

There are 7 gods in the Hosque pantheon. Each god represents a variety domains that sometimes seem very disimilare to outsiders, but are all united around a certain idea. The gods are:   **Kusat:** Goddess of the sun, the sky, wind, truth, thunder and lighting
**Kazhal:** God of the sea, rivers, fishermen, rain, and geysers
**Suvot:** God of fire, volcanoes, heat, and blacksmithing
**Demé:** Goddess of the earth, earthquakes, agriculture, and plant life
**Telenu:** God of the night, darkness, the moon, and lies
**Pasa:** Goddess of passion, war, love, and art
**Myera** Goddess of healing, childbirth, memory, and hunting
  The first four of them represent the 4 primary elements and are given primacy over the other three.  


  According to legend, The First Reckoning was a great battle between all the gods. In the end, there were only 7 survivors of the once noble race that ruled the world. Lonely, they took the bones of their dead and attempted to reform them, but they could only create imitations without their true power.   Humans have a duty to worship the gods. Humanity was a let-down to the gods, and they have no compelling reason to look after them. They have the power to affect the harvest, or natural disasters, or fortune in war. If you prostrate yourself before them and honour them dutifully, they will show humans mercy.  


  Temples to the gods are scattered throughout Hosquerre. Most major cities have at least a small temple for each deity, but the largest ones are in Churanu, the capital. Because they believe that unsatisfactory worship of the gods increases the number of earthquakes or bad harvests, the state takes religion very seriously.   Worshipping other - false - gods, and especially refusing to worship at all, is a capital offence. However, Timilism has begun to spread in southern Hosquerre, especially among the Tauraise people of the Arezh Forest. The Inquisition was created to combat this.   Recently, an essay titled "Simple Questions on Religion" began being distributed through underground networks. The author, an anonymous writer known only as Lāzhā-yé(the Questioner) is the top priority of the Inquisition.
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