Steppe Lion

These lions roam the broad, empty grasslands of southern Kaabara. Though they are related to the lions found farther north on the savannas, there are a few differences. The most noticeable is that the males lack manes. They are also larger, stockier, and heavier, to help them deal with the colder winters.   Lions rarely attack humans, but they may if they are desperate. They are considered most dangerous at the end of winter, when they are lean and hungry. In warmer months, the primary danger is in them nabbing a Saeka from the flock. Most injuries from lions are the result of shepherds trying to protect their flocks from them.

Scientific Name
Panthera leo spelaea
10 - 15 years
Average height
3.9 feet
Average weight
600 lbs
Body tint, colouring and marking
Light beige to white

Cover image: Cave Lions by Utako Kikutani


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