Taking up almost a third of Cuyania's total landmass is the peninsula known as Armorca. It is named after a woman in Rall mythology, who fell from the sky and dragged mud from the ocean floor so that she could stand, creating the land.

  Armorca has a wide range of climates. In the northwest, where it joins with the main Cuyania landmass, the land is warm and covered in sparse temperate forests and grasslands. The bulk of Armorca is farther south, with a vast expanse of pine trees and rivers. The Tamak Mountains are the main divider in this region. North of the mountains is boreal forest, south of it is tundra. The southern coast of Armorca is covered in ice for most of the year.

  The Rall people are the dominant ethnic group, spread throughout the forests. The southern coast is home to hunter-gatherer groups, as farming is impossible and large, centralized civilizations never took root. The mountains have kept these groups from being absorbed into the kingdoms and empires that have risen and fallen in the forested region, such as the Valaran Empire. In the Fourth Age, the Valaran Empire was one of the words' super powers, and Armorca was considered the beating heart of global culture.

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