Another elected position is the Syndic. A Syndic is the highest authority after the Hunter Captain and had many responsibilities. For Nighthunters in a given region, the Syndic is a combination of civil magistrate, record keeper, quartermaster, and lead technician.


Given the responsibilities, a person in this position is the most educated. It's not unheard of for a Syndic to be a trained cyphermancer. The latter means that Nighthunter group has the benefit of temporary enchantments that are usually used to extend the life of batteries or other forms of power.


Minor infractions were judged and handled by the Syndic, leaving only serious infractions for the Hunter Captain to settle. A Syndic's authority extends only to the Nighthunters in a particular region. Enforcing the local law - if there is any - is left to others outside the Nighthunter Union.


As record-keeper, its the Syndic's responsibility to track the inventory of weapons, writs assigned, writs pending assignment, and payment of Nighthunters for a writ. When someone wishes to hire a Nighthunter or a team of Nighthunters, its the Syndic that handles the paperwork and assigns the category of writ based on the difficulty of the assignment.


Like the Hunter Captain, the Syndic is voted in once a year and can be voted out through election held every two years. Though because a Syndic is responsible for managing the election of a Hunter Captain, Syndic elections are held opposite years from a Syndic election.


In larger regions, Syndics draft other Nighthunters as assistants to help with various tasks, usually dealing with writ management. Though these assistant Syndic positions are temporary so as to not interrupt a Nighthunter's actual task of chasing down the target of a writ.

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