Nighthunters are hunters and trackers with a wide range of multidisciplinary skills. They are licensed to pursue tasks as detailed in a Writ which acts as a contract for the work. They have broad authority within the framework of a writ for a given assignment, but they have no authority to enforce local law on their own. But it isn't unheard of for a Nighthunter to be tasked per a writ to assist local law enforcement with policing a particularly tough situation.   In this way, the popular view of Nighthunters is that of a bounty hunter. There is some similarity, but unlike bounty hunters, Nighthunters have very strict rules and regulations to follow in the enforcement of a writ for a client.   Nighthunters are very skilled and highly competitive with regards to completing a writ, especially those rare writs that are declared 'Red Card Writs' by their governing organization, the Nighthunter Union .
Bounty Hunter / Mercenary
Ranks & Titles


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