Hunter Captain

A Hunter Captain is a Nighthunter that manages the organization for a particular region. Making sure writs are assigned to available Nighthunters or that Nighthunters are paid for the work they just completed. Hunter Captains also handle disputes between Union members or complaints made against rogue Nighthunters.


Popular theory and stories suggest a Nighthunter achieves the rank of a Hunter Captain through combat against other Nighthunters or having the highest number of successfully completed jobs. But in most cases, this isn't true. A Hunter Captain is elected from the Nighthunters in a given region. Nighthunters often look for respected members who are most capable of commanding and organizing the Union and keeping its rules. Often, that same person tends to be deadly with a variety of weapons as well.


If a Hunter Captain doesn't work out as a good leader, Nighthunters will vote that Hunter Captain out of their position during the election held every two years. But if a Hunter Captain is felt to be doing a good job, no elections are held. The Syndic is the one who calls for a yearly election of a Hunter Captain.


A Hunter Captain's responsibilities are to the Nighthunters as a whole. He or she judges serious offenses and metes out punishment. They also are the one that handles speaking with people who wish to hire a Nighthunter or a Nighthunter team. The Hunter Captain is the one that determines if the job is valid or not to pursue.

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