Fenixia is the heart of the Radiant Empire of the Blessed Phoenix. It stands at the side of the flood plains for the Soimomble River.


  An adobe wall circles Fenixia, with five gates. The main gate is the one facing the bridge to the river beach. A few tens of paces outside the city are smaller residences for workers and menial staff.


  The centre of the city is the Emperor's Palace. This is both a residential area and holds all the central administrative areas for the city. The residential side is currently empty as the last Emperor died without issue. The city, and Empire, are now run by the Parent Council.
  Between the Palace and the rest of the city is a formal garden with stone walkways and palm trees. This used to be only for the use of the Emperor and their family, but now all Family members are able to take their rest there.
  The rest of the city is split into five compounds - one for each Family. They are each walled, with their main gate facing into the garden and palace at the centre.

Family compounds

  The Family tower stands over the entry gate, judging al those who enter. At the centre is the Hall of Childhood, where all children from age five to thirteen stay to learn and develop. At thirteen then can leave and take up a low level role within the Family, or stay for another two years to take a higher place within the Family through the Phoenix Designation Ceremony.
Related Tradition (Primary)

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