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Emperor's ring

When Horaeri, The First Emperor, fused the Nomadic tribes together to form the Fenixian Empire, he wanted to create a symbol of his new rule. Using the crystal powers he'd been granted by the Radiant Phoenix, he took one of the largest Crystals and melded it into a ring.  


  A large red-orange crystal sits at the centre of the ring set in five inter-twining bands of gold which hold the stone in place and twist round each other to form the band of the ring. On each of these bands are engraved feathers and each of the animals from the tribes which swore allegiance to the emperor. As the crystal had spent a long time in the Shautane Grotto, absorbing the powers of the phoenix, it held a huge amount of power, allowing the wearer a higher level of control than any other crystal.  


  The passing of the ring from one emperor to the next became the most important sign of power changing. To the point that the ring was seen as the embodiment of the role of the emperor. After the emperor passed judgement, those affected would kiss the ring to signal their acceptance of the ruling.  

Current situation

  When Fiere, The Final Emperor realised he would pass without an issue, he didn't want the ring to be used as a de facto sign of who should replace him. So he hid it, and finding it was part of the riddles he left for his successor to prove themselves worthy of the role.   The Family Parents were irate to find the ring missing, but despite their best efforts were unable to find it. Refusing to work together to do so hindered them, as did their limited access to the inner areas of the Emperor's Palace after his passing. When they forbade anyone else from attempting to bond with the phoenix and took power themselves, they kept secret that the ring was missing. Only those who are high up in each family are aware that no one knows where it is.

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