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Whip tails

Whip Tails are a lizard native to The Hollow Expanse. They live in small groups with one older pair in charge and multiple younger lizards who support them.  


  Fully grown, they are about as long as your forearm and their tails are as long again. When you can see them, they are a dusty brown colour with darker speckles. This allows them to camouflage themselves into the landscape. They have four legs which stick out and down from their bodies.  


  Each group of whip tails has their own area of territory, which they mark by walking round the edge of it. They secrete a pheromone which other whip tails recognise and stay away from. They lay eggs, which they hide, often hidden among the roots of the scrub trees scattered across the landscape.   They hunt as a group, with one whip tail hiding while the others herd the prey towards them. This is helped because they have the ability to disappear when unmoving. This allows them to catch things bigger than you might expect. They also eat cactus flowers when they bloom during Phaedray.   The Sand wolves are their biggest threat, as they will chase any whip tails they spot. While they don't eat the lizards, they will rip them to pieces to keep them from hunting their prey.  


  The main thing that distinguishes whip tails from other types of lizards are their tails, which can be moved in all directions from their body. This allows them to use them to point and wave about to gain the attention of other whip tails in the area. They uses their tails to tell each other all sorts of things, like where food is available, things to be cautious of, co-ordinate hunts, and other things of interest to the lizards.   These displays really show the dexterity and flexibility of their tails, though it is unusual for others to see them perform as they freeze when they notice others in the area.  


  Humans don't eat whip tails unless really desperate as they have a low amount of muscle for their size and they taste rank. Though their eggs are considered a delicacy, but are difficult to find as they are unable to be seen like the stationary whip tails.   Some people tried to use their skins to render themselves invisible, guessing that the ability was part of the skin. But this was unsuccessful, so the creatures are left in peace.

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Aug 3, 2023 03:10 by Molly Marjorie

I love the tail communication! They remind of my cat! While I suspect they wouldn't hunt me, they sound a little dangerous, hunting in packs like that, so I think I'll leave them be.

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