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The Silent Depths

This is one of the oases in the Whispering Sands, close to The Hollow Expanse. When the Nomadic tribes struggled for control of the area, it was a small watering hole, but after the formation of the Fenixia Empire, the exiled tribe settled here. They have expanded it, creating it as their home.  


  Palm trees circle a sunken well in the original settlement. A simple roof belays the structure it covers. A stone stair descends to an underground cavern with a pool. There are two levels cut into the side of the cavern from which to fill your bucket, depending on the depth of the water.   Now, a series of low buildings sit to one side, built to accommodate those who call the oasis home. What were camping areas for the tribes to set up tents have transformed into animal housing and communal areas. Goats and Horses roam the area, allowed free rein as they aren't going to wander into the desert. More palm trees push the outer limits wider, incrementally reclaiming land from the sands with every tree.  


  No one remembers when the well was built. It has never run dry, even in the longest season of Zaydael. Occassionally, during moments of relative peace between the tribes, groups would venture to the silent depths as a first step to explore deeper into the desert. Many of them never returned, or if they did they brought back fantastic stories of wondorous things no one else believed.  

Home of the Cunning Snakes

  The Cunning Snake tribe moved to the oasis as a first step when exiled from the hollow expanse by Horaeri, The First Emperor. Initially it was a temporary base from which to plan their return. But they soon realised the power the Crystals gave the empire. Instead, they developed the oasis to support them, and, over generations, learnt the ways of the sands, Those of the tribe who showed the best skills at navigating the changing sands were awarded the title Sand reader.   As it is their home, no visitors are allowed unless they agree to abide by their rules and offer sufficient gifts to appease the tribe for their stay. This means that travel from the Hollow Expanse deeper into the desert is restricted to what the cunning snakes will allow.

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