Markaya of Ivargrad

Markaya is a Werewolf living in the slums of Ivargrad, and the ex-lover of Gault Harrow.   Markaya was slow to trust and fierce.   Markaya lived with a group of werewolves on the property of Prince Oberwerner von Offenweizen. The group would voluntarily cage themselves on full-moon nights to prevent themselves from rampaging through town.   Gault Harrow was hired by the Prince to root out the werewolves. When he met them, he found himself sympathetic to their struggles and ended up living among them and assisting them with their monthly imprisonments. During this time, he and Markaya struck up a romance, though she was unaware of his original intent.   She found out the truth when word got to Gault that Prince Oberwerner had hired a small army of monster hunters to smoke out and kill the werewolves. Gault used his own connections to smuggle the werewolves out before the attack commenced, but Markaya was disgusted. She asked that Gault never seek her out again.   After Gault’s death, Markaya received his personal effects (including his coat and his hat) along with a note of favor from Lady Kohinoor Sattari, stating that if she were ever in need she could call on aid from the Singing Wood.