I love roleplaying games, I love being a storyteller and taking my friends into incredible adventures that they will never forget, but I also deeply love strategy and building things. Since I was three years old I would take my LEGOs and create massive cities and buildings that would fill my room and write stories about them that would get my father to doubt the heck he just heard. Age nine I was writing my very first world, an eternal war between two kingdoms which was actually a journal of my real life efforts to win the heart of a girl against one of my friends.

I failed that endeavour, but it left me with a deep need to create worlds and kingdoms and explore the stories and the impact of sapience to these worlds. In 2015, Janet Forbes and I started the Lost Kingdom blog, our effort to take what we knew abou the real world and bring it to the realm of fantasy storytelling and worldbuilding. It was during the early days of 2017 that I have decided to take everything we've learnt during our 2 years of research and create a kingdom building system, a website or application that would allow people to create kingdoms for their tabletop games and play them in parallel with their campaigns and then ... I took a very big arrow to the knee, one might even say ballista bolt. It's name was World Anvil and it came to my life in June 2017, six months into my kingdom building project and, out of nowhere, completely changed my life. My free time went from 5 hours a day to minus 2 hours a day. For the next 5 years, World Anvil consumed every minute of my life.

And that brings me to today, January 2023. The development team of World Anvil now counts seven members, I am not alone any more. As Elsa would have said, for the first time in forever, I have a little bit of time, two-three hours a day that I might be able to work on my own projects again. And if nothing else, I am persistent. Once again I will try to create for myself and everyone else who wishes to use it a system that will, hopefully, add a new dimension to tabletop roleplaying and storytelling (yes Kingdom Building can be super fun for the storyteller, because you are playing all the other kingdoms and people). It is my hope that motivated by the fact that my players will need this system as soon as possible (starting on a new Pathfinder Kingmaker campaign) I will be able to get ruleset ready for testing on the table soon.

So, here's to a new-old endeavour and to the most incredible type of adventure, building your own Kingdom!


If you are interested, follow this project, and create with me a Kingdom Building system by giving me your feedback I cannot wait to hear your thoughts as the project grows.


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Welcome to your Kingdom
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Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
9 Feb, 2023 17:11

I'm always interested to see how folk approach things like this! Some make roll tables, some make spreadsheets, and a rare few (such as yourself) make software! Your approach being in the rarest group makes it the most interesting to see, I wish you the best of luck, and I'm sure whatever comes out of this will be rad!

9 Feb, 2023 17:34

I am the kind of player who will always try to get a castle to renovate when I play some fantasy game, so I will be following this :D Good luck buddy

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
9 Feb, 2023 17:39

Sounds very interesting, just can't think of you playing with LEGOs now haha. Should buy some and start playing LEGO Wars.

9 Feb, 2023 19:00

Sounds interesting! I'm looking forward to more!

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9 Feb, 2023 19:03

Congrats on being able to actually work on your games again!

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9 Feb, 2023 19:11

This resonates with me, I found the most underrated part of the Birthright TSR setting was its kingdom vs kingdom mechanics.

9 Feb, 2023 19:26

This sounds like such a cool project! I'll follow along for the ride :D

Seek a new dawn, in Malkora!
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9 Feb, 2023 23:20

This sounds interesting to me as I am curious what methods you will come up with for this! You have my follow and hope to see more of it soon ^^ Best of luck!

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10 Feb, 2023 02:53

As someone whose typical start to a new campaign used to involve running 3-6 civilization games through to the middle ages and taking notes on who conquered who, who trades with who, and what countries control which mega-dungeons, i mean world wonders, This sounds AWESOME!   Also super happy that life has finally slowed down a bit for you and you can work on other projects, although we will always appreciate what you did and continue to do in making, maintaining, and improving WA.

I promise I will update this with some new things for people to read soon... in the mean time, Happy Worldbuilding
10 Feb, 2023 05:27

Sounds cool! I hope this prologue helps you continue to work on the project... and good luck!

--SC 2022's "Lost or Discovered Monument" JUDGE--
10 Feb, 2023 11:13

Looking forward to following this project. My world building, While fantasy, has a lot of historical influences which naturally means there's a lot of Kingmaking that gets done in my campaigns - also being a improviser I mainly rely on my limited broad historical knowlege. A system agnositic perspective would be great for the mental archive!

Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
10 Feb, 2023 12:41

God bless and much success with the project! <3

Be exuberantly blessed. Much success!!! maybe click here, I guess...
10 Feb, 2023 14:52

Yesssssssss I'm super excited to see how this evolves!! :D

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
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12 Feb, 2023 06:06

One of the first COVID lockdown projects before I found World Anvil was trying to build a "big picture" noble houses game. The players helped develop some of it but it bogged down with evolving rules and players getting to granular. Your posts have inspired me to put the rules together again and make an article or two.

Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
12 Feb, 2023 06:20

This is what this project is about - I will be creating a ruleset from Small business to kingdom building for a fantasy medieval style game.

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