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Fantasy & Feudalism The Ultimate Kingdom Building Supplement for Tabletop RPGs

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Fantasy & Feudalism is a guide on how to build and run your inn, smithy, guild or Kingdom in a fantasy setting as part of your Tabletop Roleplaying Game experience.

F&F is a system agnostic rulebook that aims to allow you to have a more rich and interesting campaign if you like building things and have a greater impact to the world around you as an individual or a party, but it is also a book that aims to greatly enhance your sessions by provide opportunities for your downtime to affect your game.

As a business owner or a ruler you will need to protect your business from bandits, travel to find magical ingredients for your potions, help your subjects, raise armies and go to war against evil wizards, dragons and the armies of the undead. All of these ways and hundreds more options allow your game to become a world-sized sandbox for you to rule and build your empire!

The rules take a stab into creating a system based on the way the high medieval feudal kingdoms, free-cities, guilds and bands (Roughly 800 A.D. (Beginning of the Viking Age, through 1450 A.D with the invention of the printing press and the age of Discovery to 1700 A.D. the end of the Golden Age of Piracy) used to work and bring it into worlds of Magic.

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