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The settlement of Haven is one of the few pockets of civilization to have emerged in the ruins of New York City. Located in the north east side of Central Park, Haven is a small but thriving community that is known for its relative safety and prosperity.

One of the key features of Haven is the underground station that lies beneath the settlement. The station was used as a shelter during the initial aftermath of the apocalypse, and over time, the survivors who took refuge there worked to transform it into a secure and defensible home. Today, the station serves as a key hub for the community, with tunnels leading to various parts of the park and beyond.

Haven was founded by a group of survivors who were determined to create a better life for themselves in the aftermath of the apocalypse. Led by a man named Jack, who is now the leader of the community, they worked tirelessly to clear the park of debris and establish a secure perimeter. They were eventually joined by other survivors, including a woman named Sophia, who became one of Haven's most respected leaders due to her expertise in medicine and her strong sense of justice.

The community of Haven is ruled by a council of elected officials, including Jack and Sophia, who are responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the safety of all its citizens. The council has implemented a number of measures to protect the community from external threats, including a well-trained militia and a network of lookout towers and other defensive structures.

Despite the challenges of living in a post-apocalyptic world, Haven has managed to thrive. The community has established a number of businesses and trade agreements with other groups, and it is known for its relative prosperity. In addition, Haven has a strong emphasis on education and has a well-respected school that is open to all its citizens.

Haven is not without its challenges, however. The community is always on the lookout for threats, both external and internal, and it is not uncommon for tensions to flare up between different factions within the settlement. But despite these challenges, the people of Haven remain determined to create a better future for themselves and their children. And as they work to rebuild and thrive in the midst of darkness and despair, they offer a glimmer of hope for the rest of the ravaged city.

The Council

The council of Haven is made up of elected officials who are responsible for the overall direction and management of the community. It is led by Jack, who was one of the founders of Haven and is widely respected for his leadership and strategic vision.

Other members of the council include Sophia, who serves as the head of the community's medical facilities and is known for her compassion and expertise in treating the sick and injured. There is also a representative from the militia, who is responsible for coordinating the community's defenses and training new recruits.  

The council meets regularly to discuss the issues facing the community and to make decisions that will impact the lives of all its citizens. They are responsible for everything from maintaining law and order to overseeing the distribution of resources and managing the community's trade agreements with other groups.

The council is also responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations of Haven, and any citizen who breaks the law is subject to punishment. While the council is generally fair and just in its decision-making, it is not immune to corruption or political maneuvering, and there have been instances of power struggles and factions forming within the council.


Protecting Haven

The settlement of Haven is protected by a number of fortifications and defensive structures that are designed to keep raiders and other dangers out. The most prominent of these is the wall that surrounds the settlement, which is made of concrete and steel and stands over ten feet tall. The wall is topped with barbed wire and is patrolled by members of the militia, who keep a constant watch for any signs of danger.

In addition to the wall, Haven has a number of lookout towers scattered throughout the settlement. These towers are manned by members of the militia, who use binoculars and other equipment to keep a watchful eye on the surrounding area. If they spot any raiders or other threats, they are able to sound the alarm and alert the rest of the community.

The militia of Haven is a well-trained and disciplined force that is responsible for defending the settlement from raiders and other dangers. The militia is made up of volunteers from the community who undergo rigorous training in order to be able to defend the settlement effectively. They are equipped with a variety of weapons and other gear, and are able to respond quickly to any threat that might arise.

Overall, the fortifications, lookouts, and militia of Haven play a crucial role in protecting the settlement from raiders and other external threats. By maintaining a strong and vigilant defense, the community is able to maintain a relatively safe and secure environment for its citizens.


Medical Suppliers of the Wasteland

In the post-apocalyptic world of New York City, the settlement of Haven is known for its advanced medical facilities and experienced medical professionals. To support their work, Haven produces and trades a range of medical supplies that are in high demand across the wasteland.

Some of the medical supplies that Haven produces include bandages of all types, including gauze and adhesive dressings. These are used to cover and protect wounds and prevent infection. The settlement also produces various types of antibiotics, which are used to treat infections caused by bacteria. These might include drugs such as penicillin and amoxicillin.

In addition to these basic medical supplies, Haven also produces and trades various types of pain medication, such as aspirin and acetaminophen. These are used to help manage pain and discomfort from injuries and illnesses. The settlement might also produce and trade other types of medications, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and antifungal agents, which are used to treat a variety of conditions.

Overall, the medical supplies produced in Haven are essential for the health and well-being of the settlement's citizens, as well as for those in other communities across the wasteland. By producing and trading these essential supplies, Haven is able to contribute to the overall health and prosperity of the region.


Sophia is a respected leader in the settlement of Haven, known for her expertise in medicine and her strong sense of justice. She plays a key role in the production of medical supplies in the settlement, possibly serving as the head of the community's medical facilities or as a member of the council that governs the settlement. In this capacity, Sophia is responsible for overseeing the production and distribution of medical supplies, as well as providing medical treatment to the citizens of Haven.

To ensure that the necessary raw materials are available for the production of medical supplies, Sophia works closely with the community's farmers and other producers. She also coordinates with traders and scavengers to acquire materials that are not readily available in the settlement. In addition to her work in the production of medical supplies, Sophia is also involved in various other aspects of healthcare in Haven, including managing the community's medical facilities, training new doctors and nurses, and developing treatment protocols for various conditions.

Sophia Williams is highly respected and admired by the citizens of Haven for her dedication to her work and her compassion towards those in need. She is an essential part of the settlement's efforts to provide healthcare to its citizens, and her contributions have no doubt helped to improve the health and well-being of the community.

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Although I've never played the game, your description of the postapocalyptic scenery is vivid. The special connection between justice and health care is unique, as justice is often depicted as rather uncaring for the specific needs of individuals, whilst health care is especially known for that. I also like the protagonists name Sophia, the Greek word for wisdom, which connects intellectual abilities with social responsibility. The connection of Jack and Sophia evoked a strange picture of Jack Nicholson and Sophia Loren to me, who I could imagine as two strong personalities for this quest. Coming back to the description of the places meaning for the whole city/world as a producing and distributing area of medical supplies: It feels quite organical, that after cleaning up the garden/park, nature unveils its (self)healing powers. Thank you for that inspiration.

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Thank you for going into which medications they would use as antibacterials & analgesics, it's a good indication of how 'hard done by' they are and what level of industry they have access to. I found myself wanting to give Sophia a better look, to see what sort of person had the gumption to ensure as many supplies as possible were found and created.   If I had one critique, it would be a desire to have links to more of your articles in Haven.