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New York City

The city is a shadow of its former self, with skyscrapers crumbling and streets overgrown with weeds and debris. The air is thick with the smell of smoke and radiation, and the sky is permanently grey and overcast. Most of the city's residents live in small, isolated communities scattered throughout the ruins, scavenging for food and supplies and trying to stay out of the way of the various dangerous creatures that roam the streets.

There are a few pockets of civilization that have managed to rebuild and thrive, however. These communities are often fortified and guarded, and trade with other groups for resources and technology. Some are ruled by powerful leaders who wield significant influence over the surrounding area, while others are more democratic in nature.

Exploring the ruins of New York City is a dangerous proposition, as the players are likely to encounter all manner of dangers. They might encounter mutated animals or raiders preying on the weak, or stumble upon abandoned buildings filled with traps and other hazards. The city is also home to various factions vying for power, and the players may need to navigate treacherous political waters if they hope to survive.


  • New York City Map 2075
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