The Journal of Mhirriah

The Words of A Goddess

The Mhirrian Diaspora was a mass exodus that immediately followed the cataclysmic end of Ozlith. The journal of Mhirriah, who would ascend to godhood details her journey.
After a massive battle, referred to as The Battle of God's Grave, where Centurion Legions fought alongside their gods to buy time for the refugees.
The god's assured the empress, that if she did as directed, she would ascend and her people would live on for eons to come, and she wrote of her labors, as they decreed. Most of the text is in disrepair. It is worn and some of the pages are missing or burnt.


When the journey began the empress and her people failed to realize just how difficult of a task it was to travel north. When they passed the border of the Ozolithian Empire, they entered unfamiliar territory. They found it difficult to find food and water but, with the help of the Ozolithian Pathfinders, they were able to secure a surplus that could help them last.

Page 6

(missing pages 3-5)
... We found out in the first week. My condition became known to us and it was getting worse. It began with vomiting, fatigue, and the aforementioned pain. I refuse to wear my armor because of it. The Tyrants personally carried a litter they made for me. With such little time to prepare, it's a nice sentiment.
We make due, hunting for food and water as we can. At first it was easy, and we even managed to store more food than needed for the winter to come. We find ourselves in unfamiliar territory, however, and are unaware of the migratory patterns kept to by local game. We don't know what's safe to eat among the local flora... I'm surprised that this is the moment I feel the sting of defeat...

The Forests of Girm

When they reached the forests of Girm, they encountered a hostile environment with very little to offer in the way of food and shelter. The wildlife created an unstable ecosystem. Herbivores were so scarce that all creatures evolved to be predators and prey. the flora evolved to be just as deadly, some being so toxic that Wardens died just by testing it, rubbing the juice on their skin.
This is also the first time that they encountered Embersheen, all of which heavily discouraged settling of the area.

The Taming of Girm

Embersheen set the forest ablaze and woke many from their slumber. The creatures and the refugees all rushed to escape the creeping flames.
At first, this created a problem. The displaced predators followed the Ozlithian refugees for some time, picking off stragglers as the opportunity arise, but Mhirriah had an idea. In the coming weeks, she would offer the preserved meat from the surplus to many of these creatures, and even began training them. This led to the beast taming traditions in the The Highlands of Mhirriah. Most of the strange wildlife in The Provinces of Mhirriah came from the forests of Girm.

A Death in the Family

The forests of Girm burned to the ground in the Embersheen. Shortly after, Mhirriah breaks away from her more informative writing to lament the fall of a dear friend. Finnich (Fin-itch) was found dead in the river they followed out of the forest, hours after failing to return. He had been forcibly drowned with signs of struggle around his neck and the bruises on his body.
It was later confirmed that his killer was a scout that Mhirriah personally saw to killing. His writing is seen in the journal with notes in the margins on how Mhirriah was far too tired or in far too much pain to write, and instead used him as her hand.
For the first time in the text, Mhirriah speaks of her spear, Xerisp (Share-isp), a holy weapon and gift from her gods. It isn't clear who Mhirriah is referring to in the passages on page 87. The promised land was near, and they met no one new on the journey, nor discovered any strange species that it could refer to.

Page 54

... I was sick, in pain, and doing everything I could to push through for my people. This was not what we were promised. This wretched forest and its fiendish beasts. Everywhere we search in this land of Girm we find things almost designed for the purpose of killing humans. Why add insult to injury? We creatures are already so frail. I'm reminded of this fact every day. This... parasite feeds on everything I am. They said I'd get used to it, maybe come to love it. I doubt this very much. I'm losing my resolve. My people look to me and the weight of already heavy hearts are more of a burden then what ails me from within. Finnich was nowhere to be found, he could help me. I sent for him hours ago...

Page 87

(page 78-86 missing, 87 is stained with ink and blood)

We found Finnich dead in the river beaten, drowned, and bloated. The aquatic life were pecking at his remains. I'll never get the image out of my head. He was too young. If I didn't know better i'd curse my gods. Their sacrifice be damned. I suffer a fate worse than the death they spared me. How can I do what must be done without his hand to hold? The light in me has died, and it seems that Xerisp knows it. The radiance from the spearhead is gone, and I doubt it will ever return so long as wrongs are not put right. That will be her greatest burden, it seems. What cruelty my gods have. I only have a few weeks left. First █████ and now Finnich. Above all else, I am sad neither will get to meet her.


Embersheen is a metamorphic change that occurs due to an unusually high diffusion of arcane energy into the surrounding area. This energy is absorbed and changes the land, becoming inert, but still radiates a trace amount of the same energy that stems from The Infernum.

Scorched Earth

This lead many to believe the goal of The Infernum was to transform the world into a spitting image of itself. This conclusion was reinforced by accounts of demonic beings spreading the Embersheen with their own blood

Mhirriah's Condition

It is not known, even by The Church of Mhirriah, what ailments the Empress suffered. The journals feature plenty of passages that list her symptoms. Some scholars claim it was a Lictifuge, a small parasite that caused fatigue, nausea, weight gain, tenderness in the skin, particularly around the breasts. The only piece of armor she refused to put on for the battle of the Stilsted Plains was her breastplate due to "agonizing pain that shot through the entire body."


This supports the diagnosis, but many are skeptical. At the time, this parasite had yet to be discovered. It also falls in line with many other well known parasites in Ozlith, but none cause the set of symptoms on their own. Others claim she was afflicted with an unknown disease or infection. The mystery persists to this day as all these theories and more are equally likely.


The Stillsted Plains

The Stilsted plains are dry salt flats where Mhirriah and her people found themselves against a military host of The Infernum. if they ran, that could escape no problem, but word would get back to main horde, and a much larger battle would come that they simply couldn't win. Mhirriah and her entourage all agreed that they would stand and fight.

The Battle

The Battle lasted 6 hours, Mhirriah fought in the battle herself despite her condition. The few first hand accounts that The Church of Mhirriah has released to scholars depict Mhirriah in a form of Rage that she, herself, pioneered. She wandered the fields, slaughtering foes far bigger and far stronger than her, and did so with a smile on her face. It was during this battle that the refugees learned of a weakness the demonic forces didn't even know they had.

A Silent Blessing

Ozolithian Mold is said to be the creation of Gehova, the father of eldritch angels and one of The Seven Gods of Ozlith. It cleaves through demonic flesh like butter when steel simple chips and shatters against it. It was a critical moment for her and her people, a much needed victory in a long line of failures. While Mhirriah erected several Ozolithian Markers, the Stilstead Marker was erected at the sight before continuing on out of the salt flats to establish the victory in the cultural memory of her people. It was this battle that sealed Mhirriah's ascension. People began to actually believe and see her as so much more than a simple monarch. The people began to refer to themselves as Mhirrians from this point on.


The Throne Of Spears

The mountains that led into the promised land were never fully explored before Mhirriah arrived. Many small communities of The Dwarves and Alfen were met by the refugees as they sought to map the intricate tunnels within. They made two discoveries.
Firstly, it was discovered that Mhirriah had pushed through her condition after a night of pain and screaming, recalled by a member of her entourage named Calib, as the pages describing the event from Mhirriah's Journal have been torn from the original text in an act of vandalism. The second was the discovery of Universal Philia, one of many Universal Maladies that plague the world. Philia leads to the growth of megaflora and megafauna, something Mhirriah's nation is well known for.

Page 134

...I saw a spider... not unlike the ones back home. It filled me with relief. Perhaps this promised land won't be so bad after all. The spider crawled into the green gel the pathfinders studied with such vigor. My skin grew pale as the spider grew. The growth was violent, and likely painful. It grew twice my size in a matter of moments. It became clear this substance was not safe to touch... or be around at all. It shocked us, what horrible will could allow the suffering of any creature in such a way?

Calib's Journals

I heard screams from her tent, but was told not to enter, no matter what I heard. Our queen sounded like she was in agony, crying like she did when she was born. I'll never forget the feeling of helplessness. The one thing I valued most could die, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The Matriarch said it was not my fight, that it was Mhirriah's burden, and that the empress would not tolerate the eyes of men tonight... When the screaming stopped I heard something new... Something unexpected as she left the tent. She was covered in blood....(burned)
— recovered pages from the account of Tyrant Primus Calib Hiltium

Reaching the Promised Land

The journey took less than 300 days overall. The moment they gazed upon the land they were promised, the people felt an overwhelming relief. Mhirriah wrote of the moment with handwriting that many refer to as frantic either out of great excitement... or great fear.


Mhirriah spent years after this event erecting markers all over the nation that bore her name and building The Red and Black Gates. All contact with her entourage ceased and even the surviving centurions failed to find her. She emerged again in The Highlands. She sent out messages to all of those who she considered friends. When they arrived they bore witness to her ascension, Erzabell being the one to carry her "Divine Cadaver" into the spire. It was Erzabell who became the first Matriarch of the Mhirrian Church and led the nation in Mhirriah's name.

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