Mhirriah, The Warrior Empress

Goddess of Spears, Lady of Ambition

"Mhirriah...She is the goddess of Spears, lady of ambition and the patron goddess of warriors and lovers. A topic of much debate here in Estoya, she is the primary goddess worshiped in the land of her people and the nation that shares her name, Mhirriah. Her people are zealous in their worship and yet, she is a remarkably silent goddess. She answers no prayers and still has not chosen a scion to act on her behalf in the world..."
— Serentiy, Walk on Water

The Girl Who Would Be A Queen

Mhirriah was the final empress of The Ozolithian Empire and guided her people in an exodus to their promised land, the nation of Mhirriah. Little is known about her human life, though the story of her ascendance to godhood has led many scholars to travel to the savage nation to learn more. It is a rare event that a living being ascends and becomes divine and there are many who would like to do the same.
The bards of Estoya are also drawn to Mhirriah's legend. They record all they can and compare these stories. Recent developments have stirred up controversy in the The Bardic University of Estalia.
It seems that many stories have conflicting information and at times these stories directly contradict one another. While this is to be expected from a nation divided into many tribes, the theocracy is a universal law in the nation and most of the conflicts are made by them, not the people.

The true history of Mhirriah is murky at best. What is known is that Mhirriah was the 2nd empress of her dynasty after her Mother, Celestae. Her father Mhirrius gave her his name, a common custom in Ozlith.
The family was unique among the people of Ozlith as they were pure blooded, meaning they trace their genetic lineage solely from the Island of Ozlith, where the Empire began. This fact is important as very few, especially nobles, had this trait. They were also among the select few who still kept to the old faith, worshipping the seven living gods of Ozlith that made the empire possible. Her early years were spent gallivanting with young noble boys. One, in particular, she was quite fond of before departing the island of Ozlith to join her mother's court. She later found love in the man who would become the nameless king.
by Gedogfx

The Nameless King

In the nation of Mhirriah, the nameless king is widely regarded as the personification of evil. He is the antithesis of Mhirriah, considered the sole reason Ozlith fell and responsible for the loss of their homeland. The nameless king died in Ozlith according to the religion, and his name was intentionally forgotten and removed from all annals of history. This is considered the worst punishment a man could be given, referred to as the second death.


Mhirriah was always considered kind in the few surviving accounts of her reign and exodus. She was actively involved in the lives of her people, often walking among them in regal dress, silver armor and always armed with a spear that radiated light. She assisted in social reform and performed many forms of community service. She actively involved herself in the cultures of the people she conquered, leading to friendships that she would keep for most of her life.

After her Ascension, she completely changed. She was aloof and indifferent, becoming a silent goddess who would never answer prayers. This is the strangest thing about Mhirriah as it is unknown why she flipped in personality to such a degree.        

Mhirriah's Ascendance

Mhirriah completed the journey to her nation after Ozlith's fall. She constructed a series of 12 markers, monoliths that trace the path her people walked on their journey. Upon completion, she traveled to The Highlands in the east of her nation and constructed a massive spire that would serve as her tomb. Her body and spear lie suspended inside the ice spire as lifelike as the day she ascended. These actions were part of her labors, tasks given to Scions that they must complete to become divine. These labors were given by the living gods of Ozlith who died to buy time for the people to escape when they evacuated Ozlith. It is unknown what other labors she was to perform, but it is a fact that she did ascend.

...She called to me in a vision. I didn't know she could do that. She told me that she was leaving this world, and that I must gather the others and meet her at the mountains in the east. When we arrived, we saw what she had erected. The ice spire was beautiful. It was a testement of our people. A defiant cry to the heavens that Ozlith would not perish so easily...
She ascended soon after. We watched as her body collapsed to the ground in a flash of light. We saw her very soul leave her body and the doors to the spire opened. She picked up the corpse on the ground and walked inside as the spire glowed so bright the stars above disappeared. We followed and witnessed the goddess placing her corpse onto the alter in the spire itself. She turned to us and we were blinded by her brilliance. I reached for her and felt her embrace one last time. There was warmth...I thought it died out long ago...
— Erzhbell on Mhirriah's Ascension

The Ozolithian Legacy

Mhirriah ascended without leaving an heir to her throne. She left her most trusted advisors a list of instructions on how to run the nation. These 12 people became known as Mhirriah's Entourage.
Mhirriah, The Warrior Empress cover
by emmanuelmadailart

Religion and Religious Texts

Mhirriah's religion is fairly relaxed compared to others. While her worship is a requirement in her nation, one can still adhere to divinities that are more active in the lives of their worshippers, so long as she is held above all. Most in the nation prefer the shamanic faiths as they see Mhirrah's silence as a lesson of relying on oneself rather than the higher powers.
There is a single text in the Mhirrian faith. The Durilithium, a text that tells of the empress and her life as well as the many talks and wisdom she shared in her life.


Mhirriah keeps several domains. When one ascends they often choose domains to court for power. Mhirriah is the goddess of Spears, a trait she gained from the domain of war from the same titan who bestowed the domain of the gods of Ozlith . This makes her primary domain the domain of war which explains her nation's constant state of war and why is considered the patron of warriors. She is also referred to as the lady of ambition. This trait could have been gained from several of the infinite domains. Many assume it came from either the domain of pride or determination.
As her religion grew, she became the patron of lovers as many see the story of the nameless king's betrayal as a romantic story of a lover scorned and also consider her changes to Ozolithian traditions regarding marriage and love as a victory for lovers due to the fact that men will never die nameless.

Mhirriah's Spear

Mhirriah does have a Thoughtform Armory, though the armory only consists of her spear. Mhirriah's Spear radiates a soft but vivid light. It has transformative properties that allow the wielder to change the spear into any weapon in a burst of green arcane haze. She has never allowed another to wield it. A prophecy states that there will be a messiah that will come to the nation and take Ozlith back while wielding the spear.
Circumstances of Death
Brown, red after becoming Empress.
Mhirriah, The Warrior Empress cover
by Notprimula

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Author's Notes

Mhirriah is a very important element of the walk on water campaign, my favorite of the stories ive written for the game. I would love to know what you think of her and what I can add to make her better. There are many more secrets to uncover for players, so if info is missing it may be intentional. For updates on the world, the game system, etc. join the discord!

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Ariel Webster
21 Jan, 2019 22:46

She seems like she has the potential to be interesting. I know you're leaving information out for a reason but some of the missing info just leaves me confused and with nothing of real interest to latch onto. If you can, I would try to add a little more info, even if it's vague hints about her, in order to draw up intrigue.   I'm supposed to ask a question here but I fear anything I could ask may spoil things for your campaign.

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
21 Jan, 2019 23:50

Not at all. The only thing that spoils the campaign is asking about her history and exodus. I desperately wanna know what I'm missing past those values

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
21 Jan, 2019 23:52

Mhirriah is also deeply ingrained in the world. A lot of information here relies on knowing about her homeland and the nation she founded. So I do understand some of the frustration. If you can't think of one, no worries

Ariel Webster
22 Jan, 2019 00:09

I was mostly curious about why became a deity. There's hints that something happened but not enough information to make any guesses. Surely if she is worshiped by people, then that information would be public knowledge?

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
22 Jan, 2019 00:19

That was her goal during her life. She aspired to appease her gods, but when the empire fell she had given up the dream. During her escape, however, her gods gave her a set of tasks to perform to ascend. These labors include reaching the promised land, building a series of markers along her journey, and then constructing a monument to house her body in the nation she founded. Thanks for pointing that out because I didn't even consider it at all!

21 Jan, 2019 23:15

I like your creative use of the sidebar, as well as the content already provided. Great work! (minor note: "serenity" may be misspelled in the first quote) In response to your question: has she ever been wounded? If so, what happened to her, and how did she react, physically and emotionally, towards the wounding? Are there any colors associated with her rule, and what values do those colors represent? What have the people written about her?

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
21 Jan, 2019 23:56

Thanks for the like and comment! So she was injured and I'll explain without spoiling anything at all but its part of the campaign. She got sick and was forced to fight in a massive battle while sick... she won too. The sickness effected her VERY deeply emotionally...but she healed up after like any one else would....   Her colors are gold and white after she ascended. Before it black, gold, and red. The people don't write much about her specifically. She only has one text and its complete as far as the church is concerned.

Amer HW Monroe
Amer Monroe
22 Jan, 2019 00:17

Hmmmm. She's interesting, and the writing is really good (the use of synonyms is really good, although sometimes kind of exaggerated), but I'm puzzled about why she became a Deity and whether or not it is possible to occur again. I feel that he history has a great depth, and is marvelously done, and even the lack on crucial information we aren't supposed to have is more of a "good" frustration. Great job!

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
22 Jan, 2019 00:25

Thanks for the like and comment!! So that was her goal during her life. She aspired to appease her gods, but when the empire fell she had given up the dream. During her escape, however, her gods gave her a set of tasks to perform and ascend. These labors include reaching the promised land, building a series of markers along her journey, and then constructing a monument to house her body in the nation she founded. Anyone has the potential to become what are called scions. These chosen few are can ascend if they complete labors given to them by their sponsor who is a specific divine being who chooses them for one reason or another. some do it to add power to their own pantheon others do it to reward for great deeds, some even choose scions to be their replacements so that they may move on to an even higher state of being. This is particularly rare though. Her reason for going through with it is due to the fact that the gods of Ozlith were living gods, they existed in physical form. The sacrificed themselves in order to ensure her successful escape with her people. In the end, it was likely to honor this.

Lord Luwin
Zack Light
23 Jan, 2019 02:54

Very interesting, and I like her caracter, but I feel like it is a little bit short. I wish that it delved into her history a little mre, but apart from that I think it's pretty much good. Quick question, who came into the throne after she acsended?

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
23 Jan, 2019 04:28

Her history is what is explored in the campaign thiugh I probably should mention more here. As far as your question: No one did. The church teaches that She dissolved the monarch dictactorship kind of government and established a theocracy.

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