Ozolithian Markers

The structure seemed to touch the clouds above. We moved into the infernum looking for new paths the hordes could use to penetrate the gates. We didn't even notice it at first. It wasn't until we started to hear the singing that we noticed the marker. We wanted to go inside but none of us had the courage. The monolith seemed to pulse. It expanded and contracted in the slightest way, almost impossible to notice, especially from afar. It was like it was breathing. The singing grew louder the closer we got. The marker was red, various hues of red, and the membrane of the mold was solid. When we got close the flesh seemed to peel back revealing the iris. The silvery clockwork formed a circle with chrome plates and gears. It was painful to look at the center of the iris. It was this empty void that each of the plates pointed to. A bright light emitted from it pulsing in orange, yellow and then red. It looked at us chief...it judged us...it found us unworthy. We gazed to the top of the structure. The whole thing looked like a finger pointing the sky. It was curved, unusual for Ozolithian architecture. Then the beast came. We assumed it was perched on top of the structure. The singing stopped and we heard the sound of air rushing past us. We didn't see Adrig get taken. We only heard her final scream and saw the eviscerated mess that was left. We never saw it. Not once. The thing was invisible. I'm sorry chief. We found it. Finally, after all this time, we found the first marker to ozolith...and it is defended."
— Soldiers report to the chief of the Phyrix tribes
Ozolithian markers are large monoliths that exist all over The Provinces of Mhirriah and are believed to litter the landscape of The Infernum. According to the legends in Mhirriah the markers lead back to the ancestral homeland of Ozlith. The markers are guarded by invisible creatures that will assail any who attempt to get near it. These creatures are likely demons of The Infernum seeking to protect their seat of power. The monoliths were believed to be a myth until a scouting party came across the first by accident months after Expedition Demeter began its journey. Each monolith comes in different colors and shapes. Within the markers is a complex of rooms and halls that lead to the information that one needs to find the next marker.

Purpose / Function

It is unclear why they were made though plenty of theories exist. One theory, the most widely accepted, states that their purpose is to lead the Mhirrians back home. Some in The Mhirrian Circles believe they are quite the reverse, a way to bring the chosen messiah to Mhirriah from The Infernum and lead the mhirrians in a glorious crusade to take back what was once theirs.   There is even a heated debate concerning who created the markers. Some believe the demons of The Infernum created them to mark their path of conquest north. This is justified by the fact that according to the druid circles, demons tend to dwell in them. Others disagree however due to the fact that several of these markers exist in the land of Mhirriah itself. The most common theory is that the Mhirrians created them on their exodus from Ozlith, or more commonly, that Mhirriah, The Warrior Empress created them. This cannot be proven sadly, for she is a silent goddess who seldom speaks to her people.


The markers are made of Ozolithian Mold. This substance has caused them to grow a great deal from their original size.


The interior is only opened to outsiders when the iris, a mechanism attached to the monolith, deems it so. The inside is a series of halls and rooms fashioned form mold cores. The surfaces are smooth and black with a sheen to them like marble. Little to no decor would be found within.
Ozolithian Markers cover
Alternative Names
Ozolithian monoliths, ozolithian obelisks
Monument, Large

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