Expedition Demeter

Expedition Demeter would be an extremely influential organization that performed the impossible: it saved the world. The expedition enjoyed the respect, or what many call fear, of many over their years of exploration. They decided the fates of civilizations and were the first to touch all corners of the world. It's history is shrouded in conjecture and contradiction. One needed to be there to know what truly happened during the course of its operation. What is known is that many joined the expedition. Several organizations had a role to play and each had their own reasons for being there. The expedition had weekly gatherings where every party worked together to resolve issues and prepare for the tasks that were to come.  
The expedition had 3 goals.
  • Establish connections via a trade route to The Freeholds and if possible, Lartasia.This route would follow the Trans-Cordaisian Caravan's route into The Freeholds.
  • Explore and map out the lands they travel while making every attempt to secure strategic locations, uncover unique artifacts and objects of power, and discover the fate of past expeditions.
  • Lastly, they were tasked with doing what they could to find the source of the fractures in reality.
They accomplished all of these and more.


As they traveled they marked and claimed fortresses, explored and restored ruins, claimed many valuable artifacts, uncovered history long lost, established a massive trade route that allowed them to harvest raw materials found on their journey, refine those materials, and attract merchants and artisans to sell and produce goods from those materials. The expedition also cultivated artists and scholars who studied the natural world they encountered, and established firm foundations that connected cultures who previously didn't even know the other existed making the expedition a political, martial, economic, and cultural powerhouse.


The expedition featured volunteers from almost every organization in Estoya. More joined the expedition as its achievements grew. An Estoyan Pathfinder established roads everywhere the expedition went and a Lartasian Cartographer accurately mapped each land they set foot in.

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