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Lydia Ocean

The Lydia Ocean is the largest Ocean on Exflora. It runs the full length of the world from the Northern frigid waters of the Tambuktu Sea through the warm equatorial regions ending up at the cold Southern Odrysde Ocean . It Separates The Continent of Stabatia and the Island of Khanka, on its Western side, and the The Continent of Zerebim , The Continent of Karnak , and The Continent of Rusdaysia on its Eastern Shores. It is often the nursury for Tropical Storms of the Rohri coast and is the development zone for many of the Northern and Southers Storm Fronts that affect the Northern and Southern lattitures.   The Countries that occupy the Shoreline of the Ocean are: Lac Des Hemiones , Waimate , Mubauwara , Torok Tso Balkhash , Inkister , Rohri , Secunderabad , Paborge Lille , Ozero Khanka , Sre Umbell , Navarre , Lokyang , Caicos , Grupe Eelu , Pontiac , and Nana Kra .    

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