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The Spine

Purpose / Function

The Spine is the primary means for getting from one level of Everfall to another. For the top level of the world, Opus, it is the only way to enter.


The spine has undergone very little alteration since the time of the scholars. It predates that period by some time and has been very well maintained by The Grey Wardens. There is constant traffic along The Spine. Because of this, the only real change is that, along the steps, the spongy material that coats most ancient systemic architecture has mostly worn away, revealing the metallic surface underneath.


The Spine is built in the ancient systemic style of Everfall. Its lines are blunted and utilitarian. It is a spiral staircase that is more than fifty feet wide. Its walls are made of a transparent glassy material that is somehow soft to the touch.


The Spine predates the time of the scholars by quite some time. It was an original part of Everfall, built at the very beginning of the world. It is currently used for its original purpose, allowing for the easy transit between the levels of Everfall. This is consistant with how the structure has been used in the past as well (at least as far back as records exist).
Alternative Names
The Walk, The Way Up

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