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The Grey Wardens



The Grey Wardens are countless and uncountable. Their numbers very constantly as units are damaged or destroyed, and new units are constructed to take their place.


The equipment of the Grey Wardens is variable. most units are constructed and equipped for system maintenance, though there are some units purpose built for combat, which protect important sites and in rare cases, march on people who violate The Warden Rules.


Most grey wardens are constructed with some form of conventional weaponry (such as blades or variations on the idea of bows). Some have much stranger armorments, weapons of light, and lightning.


For the most part, Grey Wardens are indifferent to attack. Individual units, or sometimes groups will defend themselves when attacked. When they are angered by a violation of The Warden Rules their wrath is swift. They attack in massive numbers, with overwhelming force.


The combat programming of grey wardens varies from unit to unit. Some are all but harmless. Others are quite formidable.

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